10 Golden Rules to Prevent Natural Hair Breakage

10 Golden Rules to Prevent Natural Hair Breakage

Taking care of your hair is a vital part of your daily routine. Here are some of the best tricks to decrease natural hair breakage and have healthier hair.

1. Never use harsh sulfate shampoos

If you are dealing with natural air breakage, it may be because the hair products you are using are harsh. When you are in the process of buying shampoo, you should scour the ingredients. Make sure that there are no sulfates in your shampoo.
You also need to dilute your shampoo with water before applying it. Don’t pour shampoo directly on your hair. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals can weaken hair significantly and make it duller and more prone to damage.

2. Get rid of split ends and dead ends

Maintaining healthy hair needs work and among the things that you need to do is to have regular trips to the salon. You need to remember that split ends can cause further damage to your hair so you need to trim your hair on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that if you allow hair to grow despite having any hair breakage, you will suffer from more hair problems later on. So, be sure to have regular haircuts to have healthier hair.

3. Brushing hair too much can lead to dry and brittle hair

If you have curly hair, you are all too familiar how your hair looks like after you’ve run a brush over it and it is not a good sight. Aside from that, brushing can strip hair from moisture and it will end up dry and brittle which means that it is susceptible to damage.

Rather than brush dry hair, spray water or only brush hair when it is damp. This will be better since hair wouldn’t undergo too much strain from each brush stroke.

4. Always detangle hair prior to washing or brushing

Every hair type is prone to tangles but to natural hair, it seems to be a daily chore to unlock hair especially when it is wash day. Detangling is a necessary process because when your hair is washed while still tangled with each other, there are higher chances of breakage.

If you force to detangle hair with a comb, there would be much resistance and you will end up with so much hair breakage n your hands.

5. You could torch hair with too much heat styling

Heat is one thing that could damage hair. In fact, you should minimize the amount of heat that you are applying to hair so it will not be damaged easily.

Make sure that your flat iron will not sit too long on any part of your hair. Otherwise, it will be prone to damage. As much as possible, don’t let it stay on more than two seconds in any part of your hair.

As an additional precaution, make sure to use a protective heat serum on your hair to prevent further hair damage or at least minimize it.

6. You are using a terry cloth towel to dry your hair

This is one advice that comes handy and it is simple to forget all that ditching your regular old towel. Terry cloth towels tend to take out needed moisture in hair which leaves it stripped of natural oils. Rather than your regular towel, replace it with a shirt or a microfiber towel.

Another thing to remember is not to wrap your hair in a towel. Rather, squeeze out the water out of it. This will remove excess water without taking all moisture from your hair.

7. Don’t use a fine toothed comb

When you have natural hair, using a comb especially one with fine teeth could be disastrous since a lot of hair would stick to the brush. If your hair is already prone to breakage, you could make things worse if you are using a comb.

As much as possible use a wide toothed comb or your fingers for your hair. Either way, don’t attempt to use a comb on dry hair since it can damage hair easier if used that way.

8. Mind your hair’s fragile tips

When you are trying to maintain your hair’s health, you need to pay extra attention to your hair’s tips since it is the oldest part of your hair.

This part of your hair needs extra moisture so it would also be good to use a moisturizing product on this part of your hair. Paying attention to the edges would surely help you with hair breakage.

9. Pay attention to your scalp

Sometimes in a rush, we often forget that the scalp needs attention too. If you are too focused on how your hair in general looks like, it’s easy to miss the scalp. A good massage can stimulate faster hair growth which is what your scalp

Spend some time massaging your scalp especially when you are taking a bath to improve blood flow to this part of your body. This just doesn’t mean faster hair growth but also healthier hair.

10. Moisturize when needed but don’t overdo

For natural hair, you can’t stress how necessary proper moisturization plays a vital role. When there are hair strands that pop, it happens to be one clear sign that your hair is in need of more moisture.

While it’s necessary to provide adequate moisture, you should also guard against adding too much moisture to your hair or else it will feel spongy.

Natural hair breakage is among the main problems of people with curly or natural hair and the only way to avoid it is to practice proper hair care to reduce damage and promote healthy hair.



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