11 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Longer

11 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Longer

It is a general thinking about black hair that it probably grow with same pace as other types of hair do or it probably doesn’t grow as quickly as others. The average hair growth is described as ½ inch per month but it purely depends upon the care you show for your hair. Some women consider phases of the moon and cut their hair according to moon’s phases, while others swear by vitamin regimens. In fact, hair growth doesn’t require any rocket science but the only thing it needs is commitment. You need to treat your hair with TLC and should adopt healthy hair practices. That’s it. Below are 11 tips to make your hair grow longer

1–Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

You should focus on taking care of your inside of the body before you start taking care of the outside, because your hair get affected from what you drink or eat and even what you do to treat your body. You should adopt a habit of drinking enough water, eat enough vegetables and fresh fruits and go regularly for exercises to get improved health for your body. If you treat your body exceptionally well, your hair, nails and skin benefit too because hair grows directly from your body. You may suffer from brittle, dry hair especially if are facing vitamin deficiencies or you have included unhealthy diets in your daily plan.

2 – Get Regular Trims

Get Regular Trims

It is generally considered that regular trims may improve hair growth and help to get rid of split, dry and damaged ends which can cause even more damage because they can slide up to your hair towards roots. You should get rid of your long hair through trimming between ¼ and ½ inch every time. You may not get longer hair if you go for an inch long or even more trimming in every visit. You should use the expertise of a professional hair trimmer because he understands what is exactly required to improve hair length and how much hair should be trimmed in each visit.

Regular trimming purely depends upon the chemicals you use on daily basis as well as which is in your hair. But you may go for hair trimming after every six weeks and in some cases even after this time. You will not require often trimming especially if you take care your hair on daily basis.

3 –Use Moisturizing Products

Use Moisturizing Products

It is a fact that black hair is naturally dry and you should replace needed moisture by using products that have been designed for this purpose. For example, you may use specifically prepared conditioners and shampoos that typically work on dry as well as damaged hair. There are number of notable brands that make multiple products to take care of different types of hair including dry and oily.

4 – Low Manipulation

You should avoid brushing your hair with exceeding number of strokes (like 100 strokes per night) each time you brush before going to sleep. Studies proved that the less you stroke your black hair before going to sleep, the more it flourishes.

5 – Use Protective Styling

You should lose your hair especially after you get your hair in a certain length, just to let others know the actual length you have. You should wear your hear in protective styles because it will excellently help in retaining this precious length which you have achieved. Protective styles generally work better in keeping the ends of your hair from rubbing against car seats, pillowcases and clothing. Ends are known as driest and oldest part of the hair. Keeping these ends of your hair up in protective styles, you actually prevent dryness and hold in the moisture just to get rid of hair breakage. You may also adopt protective styling for your hair as nighttime care just to improve health of your hair.

6 –Stay Away from Heat

Stay Away from Heat

It is recommended by hair experts that heat styling should be avoided as much as possible but curling iron as well as flat iron is OK to use only if heat is in control (not too high). You should focus on styles that do not require heat or require minimum heat. Always prefer gentle styling methods like twists, wet sets and wraps.

7 –Use the Right Tools

Use the Right Tools

Using all of the accessories and hair styling tools can be sometime very overwhelming for many. So buy with good research. The accessories or tools that work for black hair generally use natural texture of the hair to perform. They are gentle enough to use and don’t pull on it. A right tool will definitely help you in keeping more hair on your head.

8 –Condition, Condition, Condition

Conditioner is always considered crucial to keep hair healthy. You should adopt the habit of using leave-in conditioners in addition to the right conditioner and shampoo for your hair. You must also consider using excellent deep conditioner (at least once every month if not more). Dryness and breakage is not seen generally in well-moisturized hair and eventually moisturized hair lead towards preventing hair loss.

9 –Relax with Care

The biggest cause of hair damage is described in black women as the chemical abuse. Professional help cannot be availed by everyone to get relaxed hair and in some cases the stylist is not caring enough to give top priority to hair health. Relaxed hair eventually results in new hair growth. Therefore, the breakage chances increases with the long wait to get relaxed hair. You should get your hair relaxed most often to avoid breakage problem. Previously relaxed hair should not be overlapped by another relaxer because it may also result in hair breakage. You should spend your time in finding a competent stylist to wear your hair relaxed and stick with the same stylist.

10 –Go, and Stay, Natural

You should consider stopping the usage of chemical processes especially as soon as you see a lot of damage and breakage while you wear relaxed hair. Years of straightening have proved rediscovering the natural texture in many women. But the fact is that most of the women are unaware of the natural texture of their hair because they got their hair permed even in their childhood. Sometimes, people cut off all their relaxed hair to return to their roots in search of new hair growth. It also results in less frustration in meeting or dealing with multiple textures and less breakage.

11 – Wear Gentle Styles

Black hair generally is regarded as tough hair but this is not the case actually. You should select styles for your black hair by keeping unstable nature of your hair in mind. You may also lead to breakage by having too-tight braids or ponytails for the long times. You should select relaxed hair styling and must avoid painful styles. In short, be kind to your hairline just like you are to your health.


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