3 Natural Ways to Stop Hair Loss Quickly

3 Natural Ways to Stop Hair Loss Quickly

Table of Contents

  • Why Use Natural Ways to Stop Hair Loss ?
  • Natural vs Conventional Medical Products
  • The Best Ways to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Why Use Natural Ways to Stop Hair Loss ?

There are so many great natural ways to stop hair loss. However, not all of these natural products work well for stopping and reversing the problem. Don’t despair though! One of the best natural hair loss products that I published an extensive review on helped to regrow my hair within just 6 months! It seems that other users love it too, judging from the overwhelmingly positive user reviews on Amazon.

Natural vs Conventional Medical Products

Many people ask if they should use natural ways to stop hair loss or if they should buy a more conventional medically formulated hair loss product. The main concern with using a hair loss product that is not natural is that you may experience some significant side effects after using them. The fact that hair loss can actually be a side effect of conventional hair loss products can be VERY frustrating for patients!

The Best Ways to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

#1  Stay Hydrated by Drinking Plenty of Water

Does dehydration cause hair loss?

The majority of the population suffers from dehydration to some degree. I think that people forget that the body is about 98% water! Everyone is told that they must ‘ drink to stay hydrated’ but did you know that hair loss can be a result of chronic dehydration? Other signs and symptoms that you might be chronically dehydrated include thick dandruff, wrinkly skin, bowel issues such as constipation and bad breath. Hair is 25% water so if you don’t have enough water in you, the hair can become weak and fall out. An important role that water plays in preventing hair loss is detoxification. If toxins build up in your body, the result can be hair loss. Water can help stop hair loss naturally by flushing out the toxins.

Tip: Try to drink water continuously throughout the day. Make it a habit. I try and drink a mixture of mineral water and filtered tap water (I much prefer the taste of the mineral water!). 

Be sure to filter your drinking water (Try this highly rated water filter) because hair loss has been linked to several different water contaminants. There is literally millions of chemicals in unfiltered water that can cause hair loss and other disturbing health conditions. You might also want to start thinking about replacing your shower head with a filtered version.

#2 Eat foods that contain a lot of Biotin

Biotin (Vitamin B7) is required by the body to metabolize fatty acids and glucose. These are vital for  producing energy and ensuring many disorders are avoided.  Biotin supplementation is also one of the best natural ways to stop hair loss. Check out my review and test of the best Biotin supplement to regrow hair. Biotin is regularly added to shampoo etc. to try and prevent hair loss. However, it does not absorb through the skin very easily and thus is much more effective when digested. It does take time (months) to see significant results.

Biotins are found naturally in a lot of food but it is hard to consume enough to make a significant impact on hair regrowth.

#3 Natural Ways to Stop Hair Loss – Supplements

My Wife introduced me to natural supplements – I was a bit doubtful that they would work! There are just so many natural supplements on the market. Most of them will make a huge difference to your health and well-being as well as helping your hair loss problem. However, please remember that it is important to get a health check up to see what chemicals are deficient in your body. Supplementing will only work if your hair loss is caused by a particular deficiency in the body. The best test to see what is going on in your body is a good quality hair test.

There is a plethora of great information about natural supplements out there. One that earns a special mention here for dramatically reducing hair loss and producing thicker and healthier hair is Nordic Hair Volume Tablets.

Conclusions and Summary

I hope that this article discussing natural ways to stop hair loss has helped you in your journey towards healthier hair. If you have any questions about my hair loss and hair regrowth journey please feel free to reach out to me or comment below.




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