4 unusual and foolproof hair care tips

4 unusual and foolproof hair care tips

Just like all parts and organs of the body, our hair also needs special care. To keep them healthy, the most important tip is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, because despite all the products and treatments we do on the wires, care needs to start from within. Ingesting vitamins, minerals and nutrients promote healthy growth of strong and beautiful wires, preventing breakage and fall.

In addition to a balanced diet and keeping your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water, there are other habits that help keep your hair strong and healthy. We separate some tips and care that you can have with your hair without leaving home.

Protect wires from the sun

We are entering the hottest period of the year, when exposure to the sun increases. The sun’s rays can damage the wires leaving them dry and brittle, so it is necessary to protect them so that these damages are as little as possible. There are products with UV sun protection and SPF for the threads, indicated mainly for colored threads, which help to preserve the color, softening the fading. So, bet on oils and creams to comb whenever you expose the strands to the sun. And don’t forget to reapply the product whenever you leave the sea or pool, and as soon as possible, bathe your hair in drinking water, eliminating salt and chlorine.

Get wet regularly

One of the main reasons for frizz and dryness in the hair is the lack of natural hair oil. To prevent this problem, it is recommended that you wet the wires. The technique is based on nourishing and strengthening the wires through the application of vegetable oils. The goal is also to restore nutrients to the hair, leaving them with more shine and strength. You can moisturize during the day or before bed, leaving the chosen oil actives to act throughout the night. Humectation is very suitable for curly and frizzy hair, which, due to the spiral structure of the wire, prevents the hair’s natural oil from reaching the ends. For naturally very oily hair, the technique should be used sparingly. Coconut, castor and argan oil are the best options for moistening.

Swap plastic combs for wooden combs

Wooden combs are perfect for preventing frizz, which can be generated by the static that the plastic comb in contact with your hair causes. When showering, using wooden combs with wide teeth makes it easier to untangle the wires (for the best durability of the material, let it dry in the sun after use). It is a great option for combing curly hair without misalignment the structure of the hair, as well as being ideal for fine and brittle hair. Not using the plastic comb avoids friction on the scalp, broken strands and provides vitality to the strands.

Bet on pre-shampoo

The technique is popularly known by the name ‘pre-poo’, which consists of protecting the length of the hair from the shampoo’s cleaning agents. Apply a conditioning cream, oil or pre-poo cream only to the length of the hair approximately 15 minutes before showering. With this technique, the foam created by the shampoo acts more smoothly on the ends, which are protected by the conditioning agents used.


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