5 different hairstyles that can be done with the flat iron

5 different hairstyles that can be done with the flat iron

The use of the flat iron has already become popular among women, whether for finishing a brush or as an ally in the modelling and texturing of the wires. There are many options for those who want to get out of the total straight basics and change the look with different and amazing hairstyles, using just this accessory. Bulky curls and even a red carpet-worthy look are some of the options.

In this post, we’ve gathered 5 innovative examples to “make your customers’ heads” with just a flat iron. Check out!


curly hair

To make curls it is not always necessary to use the curling iron or rollers. Only with a flat iron and a Hair Spray, it is possible to model well-behaved curls or the famous “beach hair”, beachy hair and asymmetrical and messy waves.

This type of hairstyle can be done on hair of all sizes, including those with the cut of the season: the long bob. In this type, the flat iron brings an even more interesting effect, as it creates a relaxed and natural look, different from the curling iron that shapes the curls too much.

Step by step:

  • Prepare the hair with a little heat-activated spray;
  • For very voluminous or curly hair, make a brush before starting to use the flat iron;
  • Take fine strands and use the flat iron in a straight line, from the root to a foot of hair length, then make a twisting motion, like a 360º turn, downwards. If you want to create a more shaped curl, hold the flat iron for a few seconds and then release it;
  • Finish the ends, defining them upwards with the flat iron and use a Hair Spray to firm the hairstyle;
  • If you want to create an even more relaxed look, use a fine-toothed comb to ruffle the strands a little more. But if the intention is to firm the curls more, use your fingers to model them again.

Wavy with volume

Wavy with volume hair

For those who want looser waves, with a natural effect, the flat iron can also be an ally. In chin-length peaked hair, the effect is usually even more interesting. The hairstyle is one of the most desired in the world.

Step by step:

  • Use a flat iron on sections with more hair (about 3 cm);
  • Repeat the 360º turn, from the previous step, starting from an inch below the root to the ends;
  • Quickly release it so that it doesn’t form a modelled curl, but a more deconstructed wave, with a more natural appearance. The faster the movement, the greater the opening of the wave;
  • When you finish the procedure on all the hair, use your hands on the strands that are still warm and throw them back and forth. You can also make a high bun with all your hair and use the dryer diffuser to increase the volume of the waves even more.

Wavy 40’s

Wavy 40's

The hair of Hollywood divas from the 40s is a prominent presence on the red carpet of the biggest awards in the world, and is one of the most requested hairstyles in beauty salons across Brazil. The main trick to creating the perfect old style is to leave the waves well-defined. As it is a hairstyle for more special occasions, it is worth giving an exaggerated volume and Hair Spray for the finish.

For women who want to look even more like a movie diva, you can spice up your hairstyle with a low-side bun, or toss all your hair to one side and secure it with a pretty clip at the back.

Step by step:

  • Protect the hair with the heat-activated spray or serum;
  • Prepare it with a brush and start using the flat iron to model the waves just below the root;
  • Make the twisting movement, alternating its use in thinner and thicker strands
  • To finish, secure bobby pins all over the hair, with a distance of 3 to 5 cm from each other, and use the hot dryer along the entire length. Still, with the hairpins on the head, apply the Hair Spray. This step serves to highlight the characteristic waves of hairstyles from the 40s.
  • Leave the bobby pins in the hair for another 45 minutes, remove them and finish with the spray once more, if necessary.

Mermaid’s hair

Mermaid hair

The movement, called “ mermaidism ” has been attracting women of all ages, and even famous ones, such as model and actress Yasmin Brunet. The mermaid-style hair is definitely one of the most different and relaxed hairstyles on this list. It can be worn loose, with a more beachy look and a frizzy look, or with herringbone-style braids. For the most irreverent, it’s worth betting on candy colors and coloured sprays to create a complete mermaid look. Check out how to do curly hair with the flat iron:

Step by step:

  • Divide all hair into 2 cm thin sections;
  • On this strand, press the flat iron very close to the root and turn it with a slight twist upwards. This is one way of marking the hair;
  • At the same point, press the flat iron once more and turn it over. The idea is to create a zig-zag movement along the entire length of the lock;
  • Repeat the same process throughout the hair;
  • Finish with Hair Spray.

Total smooth

smooth hair

This is not one of the examples of different hairstyles that make up this post, but it still makes women’s heads. The total smoothness, when done properly, creates an elegant, modern and practical look. It is important to use a thermal protector to avoid breakage and the appearance of frizz. It is also possible to choose a straighter finish or with more movement, according to the taste of the client and the hairdresser.

Step by step:

  • Divide all the hair into four parts, separating each one into thin strands. If the hair is frizzy, curly or very voluminous, make a powerful brush before starting the procedure;
  • Use the flat iron three times in a row, on each strand, from root to tip. Be careful with the scalp;
  • Make slow movements, but do not stop until you reach the ends so that the hair is not marked;
  • Repeat the entire process until you finish all the hair. Don’t forget to define how the ends will be finished: straight or with a lighter and more natural movement. In the latter case, just turn the ends inwards with the flat iron;
  • Finish the hairstyle with a little repairer on the ends.

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