8 hairstyles for curly and wavy hair that will inspire you

8 hairstyles for curly and wavy hair that will inspire you

Assuming curly, wavy and frizzy hair is a trend for contemporary women. With that in mind, we have separated for you 8 hairstyles that value the volume of this type of hair. Keep reading and be surprised.

1 – Short with texture

Short Hair Texture

For those who prefer short hair, textured hairstyles, that is, with a more voluminous part, combine super well and are extremely practical. They guarantee comfort and freedom for any occasion. For this model, all you will need is a modelling ointment and that’s it! Go through your strands and define them as you prefer.

2 – High braid (pineapple bun)Pineapple Hair Bun

Another hairstyle for curly hair that also has a lot of fans is the high updo. It’s basically attaching the wires to the top of the head. Don’t worry about the volume, because that’s exactly what gives the charm. To complement, you can finish with a scarf. Looks beautiful and elegant! And for that reason, they are widely used in events such as weddings.

3 – On one side onlycurly and wavy hair

Another simple technique: knead the hair while still damp, so that the curls are well defined. Then, gather all the hair to one side, leave it as you like, and secure it with bobby pins so that the strands stay in place.

4 – Bun with braidCurly Hairbun with Braid

If you want practicality, the high bun is a great hairstyle option for curly and wavy hair. But how about making it even more charming? Making a braid can be the solution. One of the ways to style this hairstyle is: to put all your hair in a high ponytail. Then, make a braid and wrap it around the elastic that secures the ponytail. Secure the braid with bobby pins and you’re done! Or you can get creative, like the example below:

5 – Delicate prisoner

If you like a more romantic style, then this hairstyle is ideal for you. To do this, part your hair in the middle and then part a section on each side. Now gather these two strands together behind your head, securing them in a low ponytail. It looks beautiful!

6 – Messy bunMessy Hair Bun

If you want a more laid-back style, the messy bun is a good option. There is no right rule to do it, much less the need for a comb. Secure your hair in a high ponytail, but don’t stretch the strands too much. Then just wrap your hair around the elastic or a scarf in the way you prefer. And ready!

7 – Bun with accessory

This hairstyle for curly hair is for women who like to show attitude. You can implement your look using turbans, scarves, and flowers, among others.

8 – Half Bun

If you like to dare, this is the ideal hairstyle. Separate a strand at the top of your head and roll it up, securing the small bun with bobby pins. Leave the sides loose, finishing them with a combing cream. And end! A casual hairstyle is full of attitude!

To get the best results from any of these hairstyles, don’t forget to take care of your hair daily. Always cherish hydrated wires and colours that match your personality and choose to have a healthy diet.

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