8 Tips for Growing Natural Black Hair

8 Tips for Growing Natural Black Hair

Do you have a natural black hair?

Sometimes this hair type and color cause you a lot of dilemmas and one of these is of course, the difficulty to grow it naturally and in a healthy way.

Why does the hair sometimes grow slowly? There are actually a lot of reasons why, and one of these is the length of your hair.

When you have long hair, it is a bit difficult for them to grow naturally because according to hair and beauty expert Luis Payne, the cells in the hair undergo a growing cycle and the phase of hair growth depends on the length of the hair.

Another possible reason that could delay the growth of your hair is the infrequent haircuts that you do. Even the type of hair styling tools that you choose can be a cause of slow hair growth.

So here are the 8 tips that you should remember in order to have a black natural hair growth.

Remember to follow them and do them regularly in order to acquire the immediate hair growth you desire.

  1. Liberally Condition Your Hair

    Condition Your Hair
                        Condition Your Hair

Men and women with black hair always encounter a difficultly of growing their hair in a natural way.

It’s because of the new curly hair that tends to grow whether they like it or not. These unwanted curly roots block the oil which is responsible for nourishing the hair, making it difficult for them to flow down on your hair shaft.

Therefore, you need to make some remedies for it if you are one of the people who experience having curly roots.

Try to do some co-washing. Using a conditioner instead of shampoo, condition your hair at least once a week. Some people do the conditioning every day but it isn’t ideal, honestly.

You need to condition your hair only once a week because the properties in the product may damage your hair. It is also advisable for you to wash your hair every day by just using water.

Do not use shampoo every day as it may potentially damage your hair, as well.

  1. Deep Condition Your Hair With Every Wash

This is important in order to make your hair healthy.

When you condition your hair, use a conditioner that has an olive oil or avocado oil content. Depending on what product that best suits you and makes you feel pampered, you go and experiment with different ones in order to find out the conditioner that matches your preferences.

When you have the conditioner of your choice, wear a shower cap and apply heat to your hair. Heat, by the way, helps the conditioner to work out. The next thing that you have to do is wrap your head with a towel that was soaked in a warm water.

Remember that you shouldn’t soak the towel in hot water in the first place as it will burn your skin. When you condition your hair, take note not to do it too deep that it may harm your scalp.

When this thing happens, it may potentially cause you alopecia or hair loss. Worse, it may inflame the cuticles on your hair follicles.

  1. Give Your Hair a Moisturizer

    Hair Moisturizer
                     Hair Moisturizer

It is good to provide your hair a little pampering by applying a moisturizer on them.

Why do moisturizers matter, anyway?

Moisturizes are noted to be an effective means of naturally growing the hair. Like our body needs water, our hair also needs some nourishment and it can only be attained when you apply a moisturizer.

A moisturizer, by the way, is a hydrating product that helps the hair become healthy, thus making it grow faster as well.

  1. Rinse Your Hair as Needed

    Hair Rinse
                        Hair Rinse

Our hair needs a lot of pampering. Rinsing it softly will help it become healthier. It’s also a means of encouraging efficient hair growth in a natural way.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Hair’s Ends

    Hair Ends
                     Hair Ends

It’s time to be attentive to your hair ends.

Don’t you know that hair ends also need some care from you? Most people tend to disregard them but they should be nourished with hair products and moisturizers, too.

Do not forget to include them when you are washing and moisturizing your hair because neglecting them may also lead to slow hair growth.

  1. Apply Penetrating Oils to Your Hair

    Apply Oil to Hair
                         Apply Oil to Hair

Penetrating oils are one of the most effective products to help you grow your hair naturally. Examples of these oils are avocado oil and olive oil. Not only an effective moisturizer, penetrating oils also help aid brittle, damaged, and dry hair.

An avocado oil, for example, is rich in healthy vitamins that are good for the hair such as Vitamin A, B, D, and E. Olive oil, on the other hand, is a good hair conditioner for the hair.

It is also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that encourage scalp health. These penetrating oils, by the way, are available in many cosmetic stores.

  1. Squeeze Out Excess Water on Your Hair Using a Terry Cloth Towel

    Rinse Hair with Terry Cloth Towel
             Rinse Hair with Terry Cloth Towel

Using a terry cloth towel, do not stroke your hair with it. Doing this will make the strands of your hair latched onto the cloth of the towel.

This of course, encourages hair fall which is the last thing that you want to happen in your hair. When you use the terry cloth towel, you need to take a portion of your hair and grab it, then squeeze.

That’s the time when you feel your towel is finally getting drenched.

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet

There’s nothing more efficient in growing back your hair naturally than practicing a healthy diet. Studies say that eating foods that are loaded with Vitamins A, B, C, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and selenium is a great way to grow your hair faster and healthier.

Foods with Vitamin B-complex content, in particular, are also great for growing your hair naturally.

Having a black natural hair growth is an easy feat when you follow these steps.

Maintain the natural beauty of your black hair by sticking to this routine!


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