Avoid These 10 Bad Habits To Prevent Hair Fall

Avoid These 10 Bad Habits To Prevent Hair Fall

If you are losing somewhere around 100 strands a day, that’s completely a normal process of hair recycling. If the amount of hair you lose is much more than that and you see hair falling all day long, then thats a big cause of concern.

Men and women both face hair loss problem and the causes for this could be many. Stress, pollution,  Medications, genetics, and diet are the few among the many well-known hair loss causes.

When women turn 35, the hair loss problem becomes more common. After turning 50, the majority of the population have to face this unwanted issue.

But do you know most of such causes are related to your lifestyle? Just by improving your lifestyle and avoiding the bad habits, you can reduce hair fall to a greater extent.

Here in this article, we are going to share some of the bad lifestyle habits that should be avoided strictly. By avoiding these habits, you will be able to get control on your hair loss and get long and beautiful hair in the long run.

Before we talk about such bad habits, it is strongly recommended to follow a well-balanced diet that is loaded with a full dose of proteins and vitamins. The hair itself is a protein which requires protein on regular basis to maintain its existence.

 Say Good-Bye to Use of Too-Many Products

Putting too many products in your hair can bring the nightmare to your strands as they bring various chemicals along. Select fewer products according to your specific hair type and stick to them.

It would be a good idea to use a product that fulfills your multiple needs at a time such as Argan Oil. Argan oil is a multi purpose oil that works as a conditioner, styling product, sun protectant, heat protectant and a great natural hair moisturizer too. Hillz Beauty Argan Oil is such a product you can have a look at.

 Excessive Use of Blow dryer

Are you Blow drying every day? Well, that’s a very bad habit if you are doing so. Blow drying means you are exposing your hair to heat and you know heat doesn’t do anything good at all.

Don’t use it frequently. Go for blow drying only when you need it intensely.

Do You Tie Your Hair Tightly?

Going after the latest hair styles doesn’t mean to risk your hair. If you are following any of the styles that require you to tie hair tightly, avoid it.

 Are You On Medications?

Some medicines show hair loss as a possible side effect as a result of continuous use. Read the labels carefully and consult the physician for some better options.

Are You On A Crash Diet?

A crash diet is a severe kind of diet that often lacks much-needed nutrients. Check if you are lacking the essential minerals and vitamins in your diet as it can lead to hair loss. Proteins and vitamins are very essentials that you need to consume regularly regardless of what diets you follow.


Smoking is bad in general. It is bad for your hair too. Initially, it was considered that smoking can’t be related to hair issues but from some studies conducted in 2010, it is believed that smoking damages the DNA of hair follicles which then leads to hair loss and slower hair growth. Quitting smoking will improve your overall health.

Alcohol Drinks

Like smoking, alcohol drinks are harmful to your overall health. Consumption’s of alcohol lead to hair loss in both men and women.

Handling The Wet Hair Right or Wrong?

It isn’t suggested to comb or brush your hair just after the shower. The wet hair is more prone to breakage and hair loss. Leave it for some time to get dry naturally and then comb and brush.

Leading a Stressful Life?

Being optimistic is the best quality you can ever develop in your life. Taking stress doesn’t solve any of your problems but it affects your health in negative way for sure. Hair loss is one of the many problems caused because of stress.

Less stress = more happiness + healthy life + strong hair.

Eating Unhealthy?

Are you consuming more and more junks that lack the necessary amount of minerals like zinc, iron and vitamins? If you love them, your are on wrong path. It’s time to stop eating such foods and begin to eat more healthy foods that are loaded with essential nutrients.

The best way to cure hair loss is by preventing it. Eat healthy and use mild hair care products. If you are lacking essential vitamins then you can also take biotin supplements after consulting your physician. Biotin supplements are very useful for hair growth.


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