Treat Dry And Flaky Scalp At Home HAIR GUIDE

How To Treat Dry And Flaky Scalp At Home

Knowing the cause of dry and flaky scalp is the first step towards treating the condition. When you know the exact cause, it becomes relatively easy to find the solution. Climatic condition could be the most common factor behind your dry scalp. It also affects your overall skin. When climate around you is so hot […]

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Treatment of hair Dandruff With Coconut Oil HAIR CARE

How To Treat Dandruff With Coconut Oil

Dandruff is the most common scalp problem which affects all the people around the globe regardless of their gender, age and race. It (dandruff) is actually the shedding of dead skin of the dry or extremely oily scalp which results in the itchiness, redness and irritation of scalp. In order to balance the moisture of […]

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Uses Of Henna For Beautiful And Healthy Hair HAIR CARE

5 Miracles And Uses Of Henna For Beautiful And Healthy Hair

Henna is very popular for its coloring value, but very few people know that henna has to give much more than just a color. Do you know that henna can improve the growth of your hair? Do you know that it conditions your hair and prevents hair from falling? Probably, you don’t know. In ancient […]

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Hair Fall and Hair Treatment HAIR CARE

7 Fenugreek Seed Hair Treatments To Stop Hair Fall And Make Your Hair Beautiful

Hair fall has become a common problem for most of us. Some people don’t care much about this, but many are so worried that they keep trying on various products in order to get rid of this stressful problem. A healthy and beautiful hair requires proper hair care routine. It needs products and nutrition that […]

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Avoid These 10 Bad Habits To Prevent Hair Fall

If you are losing somewhere around 100 strands a day, that’s completely a normal process of hair recycling. If the amount of hair you lose is much more than that and you see hair falling all day long, then thats a big cause of concern. Men and women both face hair loss problem and the […]

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Hair Growth Cycle HAIR GUIDE

Hair Growth Cycle Stages Explained | What is hair made of and How to make hair long

Hair Growth Cycle All of us want long, strong and dense hair. We try all kind of stuff to maintain hair in healthy state without even knowing what do our hair actually need. To keep hair healthy you should know how does hair grow, what hair is made of, hair growth cycle. As knowledge of […]

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Types of Dandruff HAIR GUIDE

Dandruff | What is Dandruff and types of Dandruff

What is Dandruff Dandruff is nothing but our dead skin cells. Every person lose thousands of skin cells every minute. Production and shredding of skin cells keep on happening parallely. It’s a normal process. But when due to some reasons the shredding of dead skin cells happen at fast rate than these cells take form […]

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Hair Care Tips HAIR CARE

Important Hair Care Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

If you are a black woman, then here are some of the most important hair care tips that you must follow in order to take good care of your hair. The texture of African-American hair is usually dry and this is considered as a common characteristic of black woman hair. This is because the hair […]

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Natural treatment for hair dandruff HAIR CARE

Natural remedies to treat dandruff at home permanently

Dandruff is a skin problem by which about 50% of world population is affected. There could be number of causes of dandruff. All of these reasons disturb the ph value of scalp result in skin infections. Dandruff should be treated both internally as well as from externally. Mother nature has blessed us with numerous natural […]

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hair thicker HAIR CARE

How To Manage Thick Hair | 7 Effective Natural Methods

Hair thickness majorly depends upon the nutrition they are getting. If they are getting good nutrition then the hair will definitely become thick, dense and strong. We can provide them with nutrition both internally as well as externally. I will explain both ways in detail. But before discussing those methods let us know about how […]

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