Blue hair: see the main shades and learn to dye at home

Blue hair: see the main shades and learn to dye at home

Anyone who enjoys the fashion of colored hair knows that blue hair is the most common among artificial shades or fancy shades, as they are commonly known. Because even within the same color, there is an immense possibilities of tones and ways to use them. You can choose to dye just a few strands, create a gradient movement or radicalize the entire hair. See some possibilities!

Baby blue hair

Blue Hair

That very light tone, almost gray, can also be called baby blue. The result is delicate and angelic. Take care not to make the eyebrows too dark and marked so as not to have a strange contrast.

Turquoise blue hair

Blue Hair

Also called pool blue, it makes the look very cheerful and is perhaps the most eye-catching option among the shades of blue. If you want to soften the result, leave the root in the natural tone and make just a few strokes along the length.

Royal blue hair

Blue Hair

The most unmistakable and traditional blue. Because it’s quite strong, you’ll need to touch up more often than other shades so it doesn’t fade. It is worth taking into account before defining the shade you will use.

Navy blue hair

Navy Blue Hair

Almost a purple. It is a little more discreet and can be a good choice for those who want to start small. A few strands in navy blue along the length will be enough for you to know that you will enjoy following this line or not.

Blue streaked hair

Blue streaked hair

They are excellent options to add color to the look. And then it goes for straight, wavy, curly, short, long hair… And you can also play with the shades and even use more than one on the strands.

Gradient blue hair

Gradient blue hair

A difficult result to achieve, but which creates a very interesting movement in the wires. For this, entrust your highlights to a professional, especially in the bleaching process.

Learn how to dye your hair blue at home:

The first step is to bleach your hair. This is the big secret for the result to last longer. The lighter the result you are looking for, the more bleached your hair needs to be.

If you are not in the habit of doing this or if the wires have some kind of chemical, such as dyeing or relaxing, it is worth calling a professional to do it. This process can leave your wires stained, very dry or even cause some fall.

The second step is to apply your own paint to color the threads blue. Ideally, you should wear a robe, an old towel or a black outfit so you don’t stain your clothes. Apply some Vaseline to your ear, forehead, and back of your neck to avoid staining your skin.

Let it act for at least an hour for the pigment to fix as much as possible on your hair. Then just wash it with a neutral shampoo, preferably without sulfate so it doesn’t fade so fast. And ready!

Care to be taken with hair colored in fantasy tones:

  • Retouch every 20 days or when the tone has faded too much.
  • Invest in hydration with keratin to strengthen your wires, every 15 days.
  • Use products that have a low pH.
  • Avoid flat irons, dryers and very hot water.
  • Always use a protective serum after washing.

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