Box Braids Hairstyles are Back in Style

Box Braids Hairstyles are Back in Style

Box braids hairstyles are always well-known to be trendy. Twists, Updos, Braids, and Curls are all among the prominent haircuts.

Box braids hairstyles can take a lot of time to create, and we’re talking about at least 7 to 8 hours. Of course, it all depends on the hair’s length, and the desired style one wants. On the other hand, it’s not time wasted; minimal care is needed afterward. This dramatically reduces bad hair days for sure.

Remember, the smaller the twist, the longer it will last. This is the secret to keeping this style from looking dirty and matted. If you utilize hair products like pomade or cream, be certain that you won’t use any slippery oil products, resulting in dirty-looking hair.

Box braids hairstyles type entails hair extensions and is fairly popular with box Braids Hairstyles African American community and several other ladies. Also, Box braids hairstyles are one of the most long-lasting of braids; they can be very time-consuming but worth it in the long run. If you don’t already have a hairstylist, find one near you specializing in Box braids hairstyles.

Box braids in straight hair: is it possible to use braids in this type of hair?

Box braids are the famous braids made from the root that bring beauty and style to the look, bringing varied possibilities of hairstyles.

Women with curly and curly hair love and take advantage of this type of braid. However, we have seen, especially on the internet, photos and videos of straight-haired girls who are sticking to box braids .

Can straight hair can use box braids?

In general, box braids are rarely well received on straight strands, as the material does not adhere to the generally thin strand, and it does not have the same resistance as curly hair for the technique.

But even if it doesn’t have the same durability as curly or curly strands, braids are still a great option for those who have straightened hair and are going through the hair transition. That’s because the box braids help to hide the two textures.

Another benefit is that braids protect your hair from everyday damage, helping your hair grow healthy during the weeks you’ve been braiding — which means box braids don’t break your hair and still help take care of your strands.

How long do box braids last on straight hair?

The application technique is the same, but the durability on straight hair is not. For us at the salon, it is a delicate procedure, as the smooth scalp is more sensitive and the hairstylist cannot apply the braid directly to the root, thus affecting the durability: the hair slips more easily due to the adhesion and low resistance. of the thread.

How many hours does it take to do box braids on straight hair?

Every procedure needs to undergo a hair evaluation, but it takes approximately 5 to 10 hours to do box braids on straight hair.

Any special care when applying box braids to straight hair?

None! Just the awareness that it is a lengthy procedure, and that the final effect can be differentiated, as this type of hairstyle has as its main focus the curly hair, from the production of the synthetic hair itself to the commercial models.

What would be the post-application care of box braids on straight hair?

The same for curly hair: respect the maintenance time and sleep in a cap.

How to wash box braids on straight hair?

Wash the braids once or twice a week, otherwise you will compromise the durability of box braids on straight hair, no matter if they are made from natural or synthetic hair.

The expert adds: “Too many washes would also keep your hair wet for a long time. As in this case the threads are constantly stuck, drying would be hampered because it would be slower. Never sleep with wet box braids. If necessary, dry with the dryer. The buildup of moisture could lead to fungal development or scalp flaking.”


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