Brittle hair: see what to do to strengthen the wires

Brittle hair: see what to do to strengthen the wires

Understand the causes that lead to brittle hair and learn how to recover hair resistance

Do you feel like your hair is getting more and more brittle? For know that this is relatively common, and several reasons can result in the breakage of the wires. The problem usually appears because your hair has already undergone certain aggressions throughout its life, such as excessive exposure to external agents (sunlight, pollution, rain, sweat), repeated chemical processes (dyeing, straightening, bleaching), constant use of accessories that emit heat, such as a flat iron, hairdryer and curling iron, or lack of daily care. But don’t worry! If any of these are your case, there is a solution for all of them. Here are 7 simple tips to treat brittle hair and improve hair resistance.

1 – Use specific shampoo and conditioner for your hair type

Care for brittle hair should start in the shower. Always use products suitable for your hair type, so you will have the specific benefits and the expected result according to your hair structure. The shampoo removes all impurities and opens the cuticles to receive the conditioner, which is responsible for giving the hair softness, closing the cuticles again and thus aligning the hair fiber, in addition to helping to untangle the hair.

 2 – Do not wash your hair with hot water

Yea! The high temperatures of the water in the bath can harm – and a lot – hair health. Even on the hottest days, many people usually wash their hair under hot water and, over time, the habit can dry out and sensitize the wires, leading to breakage, dilation of the hair cuticles and increased oiliness on the scalp, in addition to complicate the clearance process. The right thing, to change this habit for good, is to start washing with warm water and finish washing with cold water, which helps to close the hair cuticles and keep them protected, strong, shiny and with natural movement.

3 – Bet on the weekly hydration of the wires

To restore strength and rebuild hair fibers, include hydration in your hair care routine. Hydration replenishes the hair’s moisture, providing softness, shine and elasticity. The hydration stage in the bath should not be discarded, as it is essential to recover all the nutrients that the hair loses when undergoing chemical processes, due to the excessive use of hairdryer and flat iron and when suffering from exposure to the sun, wind, to rain and pollution.

 4 – Include vitamins in your skincare routine

If you feel that your hair is very brittle and needs more strength to recover, try boosting care by including vitamins in your hair routine. As with our body, hair also needs vitamins to improve development and keep it strong and resilient. That is, the absence of some necessary nutrients can leave hair weak in the long run.

 5 – Be careful when drying your hair

When drying wet hair, avoid rubbing the towel hard on the strands. Instead, press it into each strand gently, from ends to roots. If you want to further prevent hair loss, choose to use a cotton t-shirt or paper towel to dry your hair. These materials are less aggressive than conventional towel fabrics, and they also reduce the chance of frizz formation.

6 – Avoid tools that emit heat

During the treatment to recover brittle hair, it is necessary to reduce or abandon the use of accessories that emit intense heat on the wires, such as a hairdryer, flat iron and curling iron. The high temperatures of these tools damage and wear out the hair fiber, leaving the wires fragile, which can cause frizz and split ends. Take the opportunity to give your hair a rest and let it dry naturally.

 7 – Take a break from chemical procedures

Straightening, relaxing, highlights, various dyes and other procedures are the biggest causes of broken hair . This is because, in contact with the hair fiber, chemicals change the natural structure of the hair, and many people may experience irritation and allergies. The result of these constant processes is the loss of shine and resistance of the hair, in addition to causing irreparable damage to the hair cuticles.


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