Guide to choose which hairstyle best suits the shape of your face

Guide to choose which hairstyle best suits the shape of your face

Hopefully, for lovers of original updos, this is a season full of the most daring styles: from the high buns that Hailey Bieber and Courtney Kardashian have placed on the trend map, to the most famous semi-updo in Hollywood. Doubt arises when you are not sure that one or the other goes well with the shape of your face but, just as there is a certain way to place the hair parting based on it, there is a perfect fashion hairstyle for you. To do this, keep going down, identify your face in the illustrations and try the updos that suit you the most because, in addition, they are super easy to do.

Loose strands for round faces

round face

If the measurements of your forehead, cheeks, and chin are similar to each other, you most likely have a circular face type. In that case, you will be super favoured with all kinds of updos but with a  common tip: drop several strands on both sides of your face, so that it is casual and, at the same time, in harmony with your features. This gesture is especially good in low braids, classic semi-updos and all kinds of pigtails.

Volume on both sides for square faces

square face

Very similar to the circular face is the square. The difference is that the jaw is usually more pronounced in the latter, as well as in the hairline, which has a more rectangular shape instead of a curve. If you identify with this face, you have to know that side hairstyles are your thing. Preferably low, like braids, this type of updo harmonizes the whole perfectly, giving you the balance you are looking for to see yourself more favoured.

High updos for triangular faces

triangular face

Specifically, an inverted triangle. The easiest thing to identify in this type of face is that the forehead is slightly wider than the chin. Thus, and with the aim of achieving overall harmony, high updos are ideal, both in a traditional ponytail version, as well as with a braid or the most famous polished semi-updo of the Kardashians. Thus, the upper area will be optically reduced and, therefore, in line with your chin.

Low ponytails for heart-shaped faces

heart-shaped faces

When your hairline reminds you of the shape of a heart and your chin is slightly tapered, be very clear that low updos are your thing and, much better, with curtain-style bangs or generous locks on both sides. Another very good option is the two classic braids, adorned by casual locks on one side and the other.

Polishes for oval faces

oval face

Since oval faces, the most common, benefit from any type of updo due to their shape, you can practically do whatever you want. However, in order to take advantage of that advantage, try the most powerful polished hairstyles. Both high and low but with all the hair neatly tied in that direction.

Long hair in the air for diamond faces

diamond face

In this type of shape, with a narrow chin and forehead, while the cheeks stand out, it is best to wear air-dried hair more easily and without complications. If you want to do an updo, try two undone French braids on both sides. Also, the fringe, of any type but rather long, manages to harmonize your features almost by magic.



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