Foods That Encourage Hair Growth

Foods That Encourage Hair Growth

Haven’t our mothers told us that we are what we eat? How much does hair grow in a month definitely has something to do with that. As a child, I have always been encouraged by my mom to eat healthier foods. She succeeded in that area because she told me that it would help my hair grow faster, or should I say it was my obsession for Barbie doll hair that made me believe my mom to begin with, but eat healthy I did.

The advice that our mothers gave should hold true and should not be changed even as we grow older. The kinds of food that we eat could cause hair fall, or promote healthier hair and growth, depending on what is taken on a regular basis. Healthy hair begins with healthy nutrition, plain and simple! How to grow your hair faster cannot be addressed by a hundred dollar bottle of shampoo no matter what the label promises. I am not asking you to throw that expensive bottle of shampoo away. What I am saying is, in addition to using scientifically proven shampoos; include the following kinds of foods to start growing that Barbie doll hair.

Whole grains

B complex vitamins are known to help stimulate better and faster hair growth, the reason why you see them included in most hair growth supplements. Grains are also a rich source of iron and zinc.


Selenium is found in nuts, especially rich in the Brazilian kind that helps promote a healthy scalp. How fast hair grows relies on your scalp condition too, so keep your scalp clean and free from flakes.


This 3 fatty acids rich fish is also rich in iron, Vitamin B12 and protein. Hair is mainly dependent on protein.


Eggs are very affordable that you should have no reason not to consume one every now and then. Loaded with protein, B12 and biotin, eggs can help make hair grow faster. Biotin is commonly used in many hair growth products. Caution though with too much egg consumption. It’s the hair that we are trying to grow not the amount of cholesterol in our body.

Green Vegetables

Sebum is a hair follicle coat that acts like a natural hair conditioner produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin and the scalp. Eating Vitamin A and Vitamin C rich green vegetables, especially darker ones, is good for keeping a healthier hair condition.


Another good source of protein, iron, zinc and biotin are beans and perhaps this is where Steven Kellogg derived the idea to make the tree grow that tall in Jack and the Beanstalk. Eat your beans to grow your tree, I mean, your hair.

Make your hair grow faster by eating right. Avoid foods that don’t contain the key minerals and vitamins that can give you healthier mane. Hair thinning and hair fall happen because of several factors like genes, sickness, medication and so much more. But you can counter them to reduce their effect by eating right. Instead of enjoying a bag of greasy and fatty junk food, replace that with nuts instead such as walnuts which are rich in mineral and magnesium known to enhance healthy hair growth.

Stimulate proper blood circulation in your scalp with ample amount of Vitamin C. An apple a day keeps the doctor away is another famous Mommy line to encourage kids to eat fruits, not only apples. Mothers have a good reason for doing so. Bless them!

Stop cringing each time you face the mirror, dreading the possibility of finding thinner hair each morning and wondering how much does hair grow in a month, that you see less and less instead of more. If you are concerned about hair loss, start eating right while it’s not too late. See that your diet includes hair nutrient-packed foods because when you face the mirror one day to check how your hair looks, keeping your fingers crossed will not work magic.


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