Glycerin: see the benefits for hair and how to apply it at home

Glycerin: see the benefits for hair and how to apply it at home

Are you looking for a simple and practical product to invest in your care routines? You’ve arrived at the right place!

Here we are going to show you all the benefits of glycerin, a very well-known and super affordable product for you to bet on, getting incredible results on your hair and skin. Just check.

What is glycerin?

Glycerol, better known as glycerin, is a liquid organic compound that is extracted from vegetable and animal oils and fats. But generally, the glycerin used for cosmetic use is vegetable, which is obtained from coconut or palm oil.

What is it for?

Glycerin is widely used as a natural moisturizer, as its humectant and emollient properties help absorb water in the hair fiber, skin and nails.

The benefits of glycerin for hair!

Glycerin has several amazing benefits for our highlights. Starting with a powerful hydration, which allows a mega strengthening of the wires, decreasing the fall, fighting frizz and split ends, resulting in a lot of softness for the hair! Plus, it’s perfect for curly hair as it helps define curls!

However, for these purposes, the ideal is always to use vegetable glycerin. In addition, the application of pure glycerin is not recommended, as irritation and drying of the area can occur, so use it with some cream or vegetable oil.

How to use glycerin in hair?

Applying glycerin to your hair is easy and quick, check out this super practical recipe!


  • One tablespoon of glycerin;
  • Two tablespoons of your favorite moisturizing mask.


  • Mix all ingredients until smooth;
  • Wash your hair and then apply the mixture evenly through your hair;
  • Let it acts for 30 minutes;
  • Then just rinse well and finish the wash with the conditioner.

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Other benefits of glycerin

Glycerin on the skin

Glycerin is great for promoting deep hydration in the skin, especially the dry ones. It provides a lot of softness, elasticity and luminosity to our skins. The simple recipe, just mix a few drops of glycerin in your body cream, you can’t go wrong!

Glycerin on nails

Nails need care as much as skin and hair, you know? And glycerin can be a simple alternative for you to invest in this care!

It promotes a lot of hydration and strength for the nails, as well as eliminating that dry look of the cuticles. The application is also super easy, just add a few drops of glycerin to your hand cream and apply it on your nails, simple!


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