Hair Care Tips to Make Your Hair Grow

Hair Care Tips to Make Your Hair Grow

Even without doing anything, your hair will grow by itself, but how fast or how slow depends on several factors. If you wonder how much does hair grow in a month, the way you treat and care for it should give you more than a satisfactory answer. But if what you want is exact measurement, there is really no exact answer. It could be somewhere from 1 to 2 centimetres, give or take a little. No, I am not keeping the answer to myself, not unless perhaps it contains the next lottery’s winning number combination.

I don’t hold any magic formula either that could make your hair grow faster. What I have is hair care tips that can help promote faster hair growth, which I am sharing with you.

Use conditioners after you shampoo your hair

Frequent shampooing has always been a big no, according to many hair care experts. If in case you can’t help it because you work as a toll gate clerk and your hair is subjected to exhaust, smoke, pollution and other greasy-smelling stuff on the highway 8 hours daily, use conditioners! Excessive shampooing can wash your hair dry and using conditioners help recover the hair’s natural oil stripped away by shampoo. Conditioners should be part of your hair maintenance program but when you use one, apply richly along the strands towards the tips, never near the scalp. Then always make it a point to rinse well. You don’t want a buildup of shampoo or conditioner residue, do you?

Eat your way to a healthy hair

How many times has it been said that vitamins and minerals are great for the health? It does not mean body health only but overall, including the hair. How to grow hair faster by eating healthy includes shying away from junk foods. Choose fruits and vegetable and foods rich in Vitamins B, C, and E, Biotin, Zinc and protein.

Keep your body well-hydrated

Our body needs to remain hydrated because it is about 55% to 75% water, a significant fact stating how important it is in our overall being. It plays a major role in proper blood circulation, temperature control and in other important processes including proper hair maintenance to help make hair grow faster.

Learn to deal with stress

How much does your hair grow in a month? It depends too on how you handle stress, yes, that’s right. You handle stress not the other way around. Because it you let stress take control, it will also take control of your hair and make them fall like rain. Hair thinning caused by pregnancy, by sickness or by medication can be temporary and may be easier to deal with. But stress? It’s forever present so might as well learn how to handle it or say goodbye to your hair now.

Quit smoking and drinking

Loss of hair is likely to happen to you if you smoke and drink or worse, use drugs. Don’t make excuses by saying these are the only things that help you deal with problems and stress. There are healthier alternatives such as indulging in sports or other creative and useful hobbies.

The hair can grow as much as 6 inches in a year and if you properly care for it, you are likely to grow it longer. The longer it becomes, the more you need to maintain it right. Brewer’s yeast taken as a supplement is known to boost hair and nail growth and because it’s all natural, it can do you no harm. Buy shampoos that are specially formulated for hair growth especially if you are already experiencing significant hair loss. However, don’t expect a hair miracle to happen overnight or that you can rely on the shampoo alone. You can also try massaging your hair and scalp with essential oils or use a few drops and mix it with your shampoo to help make your hair stronger.

You can continue wondering how much does hair grow in a month or you can do your part to help the growth go faster. Enjoy life, eat right, avoid unhealthy activities and vices, be with friends and laugh a lot.


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