Hair Loss Because of Stress

Hair Loss Because of Stress

Hair Loss Because of Stress, Yes it was generally thought that stress doesn’t have any impact over hair loss, but the studies have proved that stress is among those several causes that can result in hair loss. In this case the person have to be relax for hair loss treatment. Hair loss is a normal activity because a healthy person loses around 100 to 125 hairs on daily basis but if this figure increases, it means the problem is there. Hair Loss Because of Stress


Both emotional as well as physical stress can result in more hair loss, including stress because of loved one dying or a stress because of surgery.


The production of hair actually shuts down by the body especially when a person suffers from any kind of stress. It eventually leaves your hair into a resting phase and hairs forget about growing. This ultimately cause in falling out your hairs.


There are normally three types of hair loss that are connected by experts with hair loss because of stress category:

Hair Loss Types

– Alopecia Areata:

A large variety is believed to be included in the list of those factors that cause alopecia area, but possibly all are attached to the serious-nature stress. The hair follicle is actually attacked by the white blood cells in alopecia area, that dont allow hairs to grow and eventually they are unable to stay at your head and fall down.

– Telogen Effluvium:

A large number of growing hairs get affected in this condition as they are pushed into a resting phase. This condition generally happens due to any physical or emotional stress situation. The affected hairs eventually start falling after a few months even when you wash your hair or comb them.

– Trichotillomania:

This is an irresistible type of hair loss because of stress because it eventually pulls your hairs not only out of scalp but other areas of the body including eyebrows. This type of hair loss can be because of dealing with any kind of uncomfortable or negative feelings like tension, frustration, fatigue, loneliness, anxiety or stress.


Time Frame:

Hair loss due to stress can take somewhere between 3 to 6 months but generally this period is not restricted to this time period, because, sometimes, heavy hair loss has been noted within weeks if the sufferer is facing an intense stress.


If you are facing a hair loss due to any kind of emotional stress, you should immediately plan visiting your reliable or nearest therapist. You can get some useful tips to mange or at least manage this hair loss or your stress. Some hair loss products can also be helpful in this situation and can result in growing your hairs.


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