Hair loss: how to control hair loss

Hair loss: how to control hair loss

Understand more about the causes of hair loss and learn what to do to avoid and prevent the problem.

Do you suffer from hair loss ? Well, know that this is a natural process throughout our life, but if the loss happens excessively – that is, above 100 hairs a day – it must be carefully observed to find out what reasons or habits can cause the problem. In case of doubt regarding the fall, or more severe cases, do not hesitate to make an appointment with your dermatologist.

Hair loss affects about 1 to 4% of the world population and 100 million are women. Although the condition affects both sexes, and although it is more common among men, it is an especially sensitive topic for women, as it is directly linked to self-esteem. The condition is even more common around the age of 70 (about 30% of the female population), because the hair tends to get naturally thinner and rarer over time.

How to prevent hair loss

Keep your hair clean

Leaving the hair without washing for many days is not recommended for those who suffer from hair loss, the problem becomes even more apparent. A dirty scalp favors a number of problems, because it accumulates pollution and oil residues. It is recommended to wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner every other day, so that they remain strong and, once a week, hydrate the hair to keep it healthy – these cares, of course, can be adjusted accordingly. according to the types of wires and damage to be repaired.

Untangle the wires while in the shower

Those who suffer from hair loss know that the simple act of combing their hair can be a real nightmare, as it is at this time that they fall out in excess. A tip is, during the shower, after applying the conditioner – or the hydration mask – gently untangle the strands with your fingers or a wooden comb, which harms the hair fibers less.

Do not tie your hair when it is still damp.

Tightening your hair after washing it, even more so if you face a severe phase of hair loss, can accentuate the problem, because it affects the elasticity of the hair fibers and can break them more easily. When you put your hair in a bun or ponytail, it doesn’t dry completely and still allows the growth of fungus in the hair. Also, avoid sleeping with wet hair. The ideal is to let the wires dry naturally or use the dryer on a lower temperature.

Have good habits every day

Did you know that everything we consume can directly affect hair health? Therefore, having a balanced and nutrient-rich diet also helps us to have stronger hair, as some foods increase blood circulation in the scalp and, consequently, this helps to control hair loss. In addition, practicing physical exercises regularly increases endorphin in the body – a hormone that provides well-being and pleasure -, which controls everyday stress, one of the main causes of hair loss.

How Vitamin Strength can help you control the fall

To assist in the healthy growth of new strands, give strength to those that have not fallen out and, thus, prevent breakage and loss of volume, Força Vitamin has a customizable proposal and a powerful strengthening solution that restores hair vitality. Combining the power of vitamins and technological actives that penetrate deeply into the hair, the line, in addition to shampoo and conditioner, brings as a differential the High Power Masks to Customize and the Strengthening Concentrates , which provide a unique hair treatment experience , ideal for controlling hair loss.

Care should start with the application of the Pre-Treatment Shampoo specific to your hair type, designed to deeply clean the strands and open the cuticles. Then apply the Daily Maintenance Conditioner , also according to your hair type, which provides nutrients to maintain hydration, natural luminosity, strengthen the strands and seal the cuticles, protecting against future damage.

To further enhance your hair treatment, we recommend that, once a week, you replace the use of the conditioner with the High Power Mask To Customize , a powerful hydration mask that acts on the hair fiber deeply, bringing more resistance and elasticity to the hair. , providing more health from the inside out.

We suggest the application of three doses of the Strengthening Concentrate with Biotin , which has 99% of conditioning actives, mixed with the High Power Mask to customize , chosen according to your hair type. The combination strengthens the entire hair fiber structure, protects against breakage and facilitates healthy hair growth. Because it is precisely responsible for the health of the skin, nails and hair, the absence of biotin, an essential vitamin in the body, can be directly related to the loss of wires.

We reinforce that, if you are experiencing more severe and accentuated hair loss, it is essential that you look for a dermatologist to discover the causes of the problem, which can range from inadequate habits with the wires on a daily basis to health-related issues.


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