How Massaging Scalp Help Hair Growth

How Massaging Scalp Help Hair Growth

Of all the things that define attractiveness for a human, hair is probably up there with our face and skin. It’s one of the main things that define youth; a quality everyone likes to try and exude!

Even if you’re not suffering from hair loss or alopecia, there’s always a new shampoo, conditioner or serum available to try and boost the youthful vitality of your hair.

Sometimes, the simple measures are by far the best. This is where the humble hand scalp massager comes in; with its low price and ease of use your whole family can be benefiting within a few minutes!

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  • Massaging Scalp For Hair Growth, A Circulation Boosting Treatment
  • Massaging Scalp For Hair Growth – How Do I Do It?
  • Why You Should Buy One Today!

Massaging Scalp For Hair Growth, A Circulation Boosting Treatment

Massaging Scalp For Hair Growth, A Circulation Boosting Treatment

One of the issues surrounding hair loss is the fact blood supply can be dampened to the affected area. In the same way, as heart disease can affect your arteries and cause impotence, it can also shut down those vital supplies of blood to your head, causing your follicles to lack nutrients and oxygen for life.

The simple act of massaging the scalp can stimulate the blood supply, packing your scalp with beneficial nutrients, oxygen, and red blood cells. It also directly stimulates your individual hair follicles too, helping to push them into a growth state.

This isn’t new science, civilizations going back 5000 years had discovered the beneficial effects of a head massage, not least the therapeutic and calming properties but the boost in hair growth too. Since then, hundreds of cultures, tribes and races have all used head massage to significant effect.

There’s a reason the hand scalp massager has been so successful in history. It’s so simple to use that most people can be taught within 5 minutes how to provide a scalp massage. This is why so many Doctors and alternative therapists rave about the hand scalp massager each day.

This is where the beneficial effects of a scalp massage meet the low costs to get started! Hand scalp massagers are so cheap to buy and yet have a huge effect when used properly.

Hand scalp massagers have now been endorsed by Doctors and practitioners of Chi as a great mood elevator, while millions of people use hand scalp massagers as a direct treatment for hair loss. The increase in blood supply caused by scalp massage is also a great way for older people to combat atherosclerosis and help boost their hair growth, regardless of how bald or not they may be.

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Massaging Scalp For Hair Growth – How Do I Do It?

To get started, sit the patient down on a comfortable seat with a backrest. It’s important that the person is completely relaxed before starting.

Place the hand scalp massager in the head, with each “prong” placing on a section of the scalp. It’s important not to push too deeply as the prong ends perform much better when they are putting direct pressure on the scalp.

Slowly, push the scalp massager up and down, varying the pressure with each movement and slowly move the prongs each time. The general idea is to try and massage each and every section of the scalp for 10 – 20 seconds at a time, generating the best stimulation of blood supply.

After a minute, the person should feel more relaxed and will probably smile. This is because the excited nerve endings and blood capillaries will lead to the production of endorphins in the body. These create an enormous sense of well being and happiness. If you notice your scalp massage candidate smiling, then you’re on the right track!

A word of warning, though, this massage can be tiring on your arm! So take your time and don’t be scared to swap hands half way through, in many cases using your non-dominant arm can help because you’ll massage the scalp in a slightly different way.

A good scalp massage takes about 10 minutes to complete, after which your patient, or yourself, will likely want to sleep or lie down. That’s perfectly fine, let the endorphins do their job and let your patient relax, the improved blood supply will be working overtime at this moment so let the treatment take its full effect.

Why You Should Buy One Today!

Quite simply, there’s no better way to elevate mood, treat hair loss or simply do something nice for your loved on cheaper! It’s also such an easy thing to do it can easily be used in the privacy of your home without professional guidance.

As this device is so easy to use, most people can be taught to provide a quality scalp massage within 5 minutes, and it is that simple.

At a rather low price, these miracle devices represent excellent value for money and can be delivered quickly and easily.

This is one item you need in your scalp health toolkit, now!

Couple this with increased blood supply, combating the causes of atherosclerosis and boosting vasodilation in the affected areas. Combine a good head massage with a hair loss shampoo that includes coconut oil, jojoba oil or tea tree oil and you’ll notice your hairs health improving over time and for those you want to regrow their hair, improvements in follicle growth too!




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