How Much Does Hair Grow In A Month?

How Much Does Hair Grow In A Month?

It is determined by how you treat it and by its health condition. Proper hair care can be pretty basic but some are unaware of the ways and think that washing and combing will be enough.  There is a need to understand your hair and how it is affected by even the simplest thing like brushing.

Truth is the speed by which hair grows depends on the person. Some grow hair at a rate of 1 to 2 centimetres a month without hair-pulling involved, some at a monthly rate of half a centimetre. To say that hair grows at an average of 1.5 centimetres a month may still raise some eyebrows.

You were told that a hundred strokes of brush will make your hair shiny and soft. So you follow the advice, singing your favorite song as you brush. But you wonder why your hair, instead of becoming soft and manageable, is frizzy beyond belief and you haven’t seen a ghost yet. It could be that the bristles of the brush you use are rough and sharp and do not separate hair strands efficiently. The frizz could be the result of the strands breaking at each stroke. Imagine subjecting your hair to such torture a hundred times then you wonder how long does hair grow in a month as it seems the brushing advice is not working. Or maybe it is; it’s just that your hair is growing sideways!

Brushing is also not a good idea if you have curly hair. Use a wide-tooth comb instead to separate your curls without pulling your hair forcefully. It will also help if you use hair serum to give your hair proper lubrication to make de-tangling easier. When you shampoo your hair, whether straight or curly, avoid piling it up into a ball because that mess up your hair strands resulting to tangles and will be difficult to comb. There is the tendency to pull harder as you comb. There’s no way you can make your hair grow faster by pulling. After washing and combing, air-dry your hair. It’s always hair-friendly.

How fast does hair grow on average?

According to experts, is about ½ inch a month so that makes it 6 inches a year. With the following pieces of advice, I can guarantee you that you can increase that average length without looking like your hair went through an electrocution session.

When you wish to grow your hair longer, it does not mean you will have to stop seeing your hairdresser. Regular trim eliminates split ends and this helps in speeding up hair growth.

  • Make sure to maintain good hair condition at all times and avoid using chemicals. They can make your hair weak and be prone to breakage.
  • Find a quality hair brush with rounded bristles. When you brush, you don’t necessarily need to count to a hundred. Instead, make sure to evenly distribute natural oils by tilting your hair forwards then brush from the base all the way down to your hair tips.
  • How much does your hair grow in a month can be affected by caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drug abuse. If you can’t completely avoid them, at least cut back.
  • Stay in shape and in good health. Take vitamins if you must because sickness depletes your body of essential nutrients and it will surely show on your hair.
  • Make sure to sleep enough, at least 7-8 hours every night.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

Hair is a body part that relies on how its cells multiply and stack in order to grow and is made strong by the amino acids and protein of which it is composed of. It becomes dead cells upon hitting the surface above the skin. A healthy body typically means healthy hair. Of course you can’t expect to see tresses that ought to be in shampoo commercials, from a body that looks like a victim of food shortage.

More Detailed Information about Hair Growth:

Hair Makeup

A hair follicle is based on dermal papilla where hair cells within are supplied with blood. Inside the follicle, a hair strand forms and relies on the nourishment provided by the follicle until it matures and is pushed to the surface of the scalp. Once on the surface, the cells die, becomes firm, forming a strand called hair.

The cross section of each strand has 3 layers: cuticle, cortex and medulla. The cuticle is the strand’s top layer where strong amino acid coating is located, guarding the hair’s internal structure. This is most affected by hair treatments like dye, relaxers, etc and often results to raised scales. Cortex, the middle layer, is also made of protein that gives the strand strength and flexibility. Medulla forms the innermost layer, the hair marrow that is made of round cells.

Hair Development

As stated above, how long does hair grow in a month depends from person to person and may be affected by factors like malnutrition, medication, pregnancy and lactation, as well as hormonal imbalances.

Hair Growth Promotion

Protein-rich foods like soy, nuts, eggs and meat definitely help foster faster hair growth. Building strong cells all over your body, including those that make up the hair strands is one of the ways on how to make your hair grow faster. In addition to that, take Vitamins E and D supplements. This will affect not only your hair but will improve your overall health, too!



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