How to cut hair yourself: 7 options to do at home

How to cut hair yourself: 7 options to do at home

Do-it-yourself fans want to know how to cut their hair by themselves! Whether it’s for lack of money, lack of time or have had unpleasant experiences with a professional, it’s always good to know how to turn around, even if it’s just to appeal in an emergency or to be able to test different cuts at different times in life.

So, here are some tutorials for you to learn possible and simple cuts to make yourself. Just have the material indicated and follow the guidelines correctly! But, it is always worth remembering that the first few times it is possible that the result is not perfect. So it’s important that you are open to it and only risk it when you feel confident to do so.

Before starting any of the options, wash your hair and detangle the strands well while they are still damp. With a fine-toothed comb, part your hair in half and comb through until it’s all uniform. Ready! Now choose the cut that you like, fill yourself with courage and go for it!

How to cut hair by yourself – just the ends

  • After stretching the strands well, hold the strand on one side of the hair between your fingers, with your head straight and without pulling the hair in front of your face.
  • With the help of the other hand, slide your fingers to the height you intend to take.
  • Twist your fingers so you can see them in the mirror and cut along them.
  • Do the same thing on the other side, but remember to cut exactly the same amount so it doesn’t get crooked.
  • Then comb your hair well and make sure the length is the same on both sides.
  • If not, repeat the operation on the side that got bigger, but doesn’t overdo it. Better to go little by little than to cut too much and then have a shorter result than you were looking for.

cut hair

How to cut hair alone – in V

  • For this cut, after properly dividing and combing the strands, bring each side to the front of the shoulder.
  • Secure each part with an elastic band, below the ears.
  • The further down you are looking, the more pronounced the V will be.
  • Position your hand just above the height you want to maintain.
  • Make a straight cut. Ready! When you release the strands, you will see the V effect on the ends.

    V-cut hair

How to cut hair alone – in layers

  • For this cut, after parting your hair, look down, with your head at ninety degrees.
  • Flip your hair in front of your face, and comb it from roots to ends.
  • Then, without lifting your head, hold each section and cut in a straight line.
  • When you lift your head the layers will be well-marked.


How to cut hair alone – straight

  • After dividing and combing the damp strands, part your hair in half and secure each half with an elastic band below the ears, at the height you want to cut.
  • Make sure the elastics on both sides are at the same height.
  • Cut below where you marked in a very straight way, without leaving ends.
  • Then release the hair and check with the help of a second mirror how the hair is on the back.
  • If necessary, trim any leftover ends.


How to cut hair by yourself – spiked

  • This one is easy! Secure a ponytail on top of your head, tightly and untangled.
  • Line up from the forehead, marking with your fingers the length you leave your hair.
  • Make a straight cut and let your hair down. It will gain a natural peak with a lot of movement.
  • Tip: Start off without taking too much hair out and measure the length when you release it. So, if you want even shorter, just repeat the operation.


How to cut hair by yourself – short

  • This option is a little more complex, but you can get a good result.
  • Divide the hair into quarters, like a cross, and pin it securely at the base in the middle of each quadrant.
  • Start by cutting the two parts closest to the back of the neck. Define exactly the length you want to leave and pass the scissors in a straight cut.
  • Then repeat the operation on the two upper parts.
  • If you want to smooth your hair, cut one to two fingers longer than the lower strands. If you want to make your hair longer, cut one to two fingers less than you cut the first strands.


How to cut bangs yourself

  • Separate the entire fringe part with the help of a fine-tooth comb. You will start by cutting in the middle and then go to the ends.
  • Use your fingers to define where you want your bangs to be and pin down exactly where you want to cut them.
  • Run the scissors under your fingers, very close to them.
  • When you’re done, check if there are any ends left and straighten it out with the help of a fine-tooth comb.bang cut

The material is fundamental to the success of the cut!

Be aware of what you will need to cut your hair correctly. The first thing is hairdressing scissors. You can find it at speciality hair stores. It doesn’t let the wire stick, it’s super sharp and leaves the hair straight. This is essential! If you use stationery scissors, the hair will escape and the result will be crooked.

In addition to the scissors, you will need a fine-tooth comb, hair clips and a large mirror, it can be your bathroom if the place is well-lit. Ready! You are equipped to start cutting your own hair.




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