How to dry hair correctly with amazing tips

How to dry hair correctly with amazing tips

Knowing how to dry your hair the right way is key to making your hair care routine even better. After all, despite being a super common habit, we still make some mistakes during this process, which can compromise the health and appearance of the wires, no matter how much they go unnoticed.

In this way, following some techniques becomes essential, as they will help to create a protective barrier, which shields the hair cuticles, and will leave the hair with more movement, shine and volume. With that in mind, today’s post will teach you 6 tips on how to dry your hair correctly.

So, let’s go?

Why is drying hair important?

Surely you must have already wondered how drying your hair can influence your hair health, right? But what if I tell you that, oddly enough, the hairdryer can be a great ally at these times?

When our strands are wet, they end up absorbing all the water and thus become more fragile. That way, the longer the hair remains damp, the more brittle it will become.

I bet you didn’t even imagine, huh?

How to dry your hair correctly with 6 amazing tips

How to dry your hair correctly

As we said, a few simple tips on how to dry your hair correctly can result in a much more beautiful and healthy look for your hair. So, to avoid any kind of hair damage at the time of drying, pay attention to these 6 amazing tips that we brought to help you.

Beware of the towel

This tip on how to dry your hair is essential, especially for curly and frizzy hair , as they are naturally drier due to their shape.

When choosing your hair care products, don’t forget to consider even the best towel, okay? Many experts indicate two alternatives when drying your hair: opt for microfiber towels or paper towels – yes, the same used in the kitchen!

If you don’t have a microfiber towel, you can also use a cotton shirt to remove moisture from your hair using the plopping technique . Just toss the threads down, put the shirt over them and tie the fabric like a cap. This will make your hair look less voluminous and without the frizzy look .

In addition to changing the material of your towel, it is also important to pay attention to its handling. Avoid rubbing your hair or wrapping it in a towel, pinning it to the top of your head. This can lead to breakage of the wires and still contributes to the weakening of the root. You will soon realize how drying your hair will become a much easier task after this tip!

Don’t dry your hair right after showering.

That’s what you read!

Try not to dry your hair as soon as you get out of the shower. First, remove all excess moisture from the strands – without rubbing with the towel – and wait about 10 minutes before using the dryer.

This tip on how to dry your hair is amazing and helps to conquer that dreamed volume to the wires. How about trying it?

Choose a good dryer

“But… How do I dry my hair if my dryer doesn’t help?”

Don’t worry, we’re here to save you! A good dryer can make all the difference in the end result of your hair. That’s why we’ve separated 3 very important features when choosing your equipment. Look that:

  • Power: if you have smooth and thin wires , dryers up to 1,800W are the most suitable. Already the most powerful are indicated for more voluminous and thick hair.
  • Ions: dryers that emit positive ions are able to open the hair cuticles, being ideal for professionals, as they help in the penetration of pigments and hydration actives . While the negative ions manage to seal the hair cuticle, being ideal for common finishes.
  • Different materials: Ceramic dryers end up leaving the hair looking more hydrated and less frizzy. The ones with tourmaline can neutralize the electricity of the wires, being very suitable for curly hair.

Don’t forget the thermal protector

Don't forget the thermal protector to your hair

Of course, this item would be present in our tips on how to dry your hair, right?

Using a thermal protector before any procedure that deals with excessive heat, such as the dryer, flat iron and curling iron is essential. This is because products with thermal protection form a kind of film on the surface of the wires, which ends up dissipating heat more easily.

Attention: the ends of the hair need more than special attention when drying, as they are more delicate than the length and root of the hair, which contributes to greater damage.

This tip is essential for anyone who wants tidy and super healthy hair. Choose a product with thermal protection – such as a leave-in – and apply along the entire length and ends of the wires to protect them from any type of damage that the heat can cause.

Dryer position can make a difference

Did you know that the position of the dryer can make all the difference? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this tip on how to dry your hair!

If you have straight or wavy hair , NEVER start drying your strands in the middle or without any criteria. The ideal is to position the dryer from top to bottom, as this will prevent the appearance of frizz at the end of drying. Do this all over your hair, separating it into sections!

Ah… And be sure to use the nozzle that comes with your dryer, huh! Like the diffuser, it is able to direct the jets of air exactly to the place that needs to be dry, in addition to making it easier to brush – lol.

Curly and curly ones should follow the reverse logic. First, change the nozzle of the dryer for a diffuser and dry the hair, starting at the ends and making light crumples with the tool towards the roots. This makes all the difference in the final result, defining the curls even more.


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