How to take care of dry hair

How to take care of dry hair

Today we are going to talk about a very common topic, but full of secrets for many people. For starters, we need to understand dry hair .

Hair is constantly in dynamic balance, interacting with the environment and especially with humidity. When we have damage to the hair cuticles and a reduction in the amount of lipids, the hair is unable to retain moisture in its structure and ends up looking rough and opaque.

To treat dry hair by returning shine and softness, we need to nourish these strands . For this, bet on masks rich in oils , as they will replace lipids, protecting the thread from dehydration. Another bet is panthenol, which guarantees moisture balance.

Tips for dry hair due to chemical processes

Now, for those who do chemistry, use thermal tools and are constantly exposed to the environment (sun, wind…) we have specific tips:

Tip 1

treatment of dry hair

Blonde woman with silky, hydrated hair, eyes closed and face turned to one side, shows the result of treatment for dry hair

From using the iron so much, the cuticles get more and more worn out and the hair becomes stiff, requiring hydration to restore softness. A rich care is Line A that in its formula contains marrow to strengthen, D’Panthenol and Keratin that provide a powerful revitalization.

Tip 2

treatment of dry hair

To deeply nourish the wires, the request of the time is the Queen Line rich in omegas, which returns the lipids to the wires and other components, rebuilding their basic structures. This ensures that the hair retains its moisture resulting in soft and shiny strands.

Tip 3

treatment of dry hair

For chemical processes, which attack the fiber, nothing better than the Repair Line which, in addition to being rich in oils, contains vitamin. As for the oil, use one drop every day!

Tip 4

treatment of dry hair

After washing your hair, remove excess water with a towel to apply the mask ( Line A , Line Queen or Line Repair ). Let it act for at least 5 minutes and rinse.

Extra tip

Every day when you wake up (with dry hair) apply one or two drops of Repair Oil .

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