How to take care of hair with highlights: 6 Tips to always have beautiful locks

Highlighted hair was all the rage a few years ago, leaving lots of highlights glowing and gorgeous! The good news is that this trend is coming back and is already making the head of many women.

However, we know that our hair always requires care and pampering, especially if it has undergone chemical procedures, leaving it susceptible to frizz and fall, which no woman wants, right? That’s why we’ve separated some tips on how to take care of hair with highlights, so you can enjoy your hair without fuss!

Hydration is key!


Hydration is the basis for healthy hair! Therefore, it is essential to maintain a hair hydration schedule after bleaching, as this process is aggressive for the hair. Maintaining this routine helps to restore the nutrients needed by the hair, preventing frizz and dryness.

Bet on products suitable for chemically treated hair

Investing in indicated products is ideal to maintain color and shine for longer, as these products are prepared with the right action to act on chemically treated hair. So, without harming the wires, you provide more life to your hair!

Cut the dry ends

Hydration Hair

Hydration is great for your hair, but it doesn’t work miracles, girls. Therefore, there comes a time when there is no way to save the hangover ends, unfortunately. But the good news is that trimming the ends is not all bad, as it helps to give more vitality and strength to the wires. So invest in periodic cuts, which will not affect the length of your hair!

Caution in the use of flat irons and dryer

Straighteners and flat iron can end up with any hair, imagine then in chemically treated hair? This junction can detonate the wires if not used with care. So, bet on natural drying, as this natural look is very fashionable, right? Or invest in suitable pre-drying products!

And abuse the thermal protectors

straight Hair

And for those who can’t live without a flat iron and hairdryer, the thermal protector can be your greatest ally! We already know that bleached hair is more sensitive to external damage, especially heat sources. Therefore, thermal protectors will protect the wires, preventing fading, drying and keeping the hair healthy for longer.

Invest in toners


The best friend of bleached hair, these products save the locks from fading and yellowing, renewing the tone and bringing a lot of shine to the wires! However, before rushing to the perfumery, consult your hairdresser to see which of the products is the most suitable for your hair.



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