How to Use Hair mask properly

How to Use Hair mask properly

Hair masks designed to nourish and protect our hair. There are a lot of masks that will suit every type of hair. They are easy to make, even in their own home, from natural products. The strengthening hair follicles and stopping hair loss is relevant to many people. However, not everyone knows that these problems can be solved not only by professional medical procedures and expensive drug stores. Excellent firming, stimulating and healing properties have homemade hair masks, made on the basis of hot pepper. The advantages of this method of treatment curls weight: low cost, availability, ease of use and most importantly – effective. That is why the mask of hot peppers can be recommended to everyone who cares about the health and beauty of your hair.

Mask is ideal to prevent hair problems. Their protective effect helps the hair to effectively deal with the daily influence of external factors, such as pollution, wind, dry air, UV rays and blow-dry or curling iron. Hair mask acts directly on the hair fiber cuticle. The hair becomes healthy, shiny and gain vitality. The mask also copes with the restoration of hair.

Often, we do not distinguish between the mask and the air conditioning to the hair. Unlike masks, air conditioning does not have these healing properties. But it guarantees a quick and superficial unraveling, shine and softness. Mask combines these qualities and more treats hair. So when you put it is not necessary to use air conditioning. Perhaps it makes sense to replace the air conditioner on the mask. True effective care requires a good bit longer. But beautiful and healthy hair is worth it.

Instruction for hair mask

To achieve maximum efficiency, whether to keep the mask all night? Not always. Once they have absorbed all the nutrients they need, and all can be washed off. Usually it takes 20-40 minutes. For the scalp, you can use a mask longer.

How often use hair mask?

Everything depends on the condition of the hair and the frequency of shampooing. If your hair is dry and damaged, do mask before every wash, as long as they do not recover. For the prevention enough to do once a week, if you wash your hair with shampoo every two to three days. Pay attention to your shampoo. choose the one that suits your hair type and in which the maximum of useful and natural ingredients.

Mask of hot peppers can be recommended to everyone who cares about the health and beauty of your hair.

Pepper  Hair masks

Mask to stimulate growth

Take one part burdock oil and mix it with the same amount of pepper tincture and boiled water. This mixture should be stirred thoroughly until it will acquire a smooth consistency, then carefully craft her scalp and locks. Now head to insulate, first concealing her with a plastic bag, then wrapped a warm towel or wearing a hat. Duration of exposure masks should be about one hour. After that curls need a good rinse with warm, running water. If necessary, you can still use a mild shampoo. Frequency of pepper mask designed to enhance the growth, – two or three times a week.

Mask stopping hair loss

You will need one piece of hot pepper tincture and three parts liquid honey. These components must be thoroughly washed and spread on damp hair. Watch closely so that the composition has been treated the entire length and no lock has not been missed. After application to a few minutes massaging the hair roots and then – head wrap polyethylene film or a food package. An hour later, the head should be washed.

The mask density and promotes the growth of

Connect an equal share of shampoo, castor oil and hot pepper tincture. The number of ingredients can vary, but the approximate volume of each of them should be about two tablespoons. Most of the finished mixture to rub into the scalp with a soft massage movements, and the rest should be gently spread over the rest of the hair length. While the impact of the pepper mask is about thirty minutes. You can choose to hide his head that enhance the efficiency of absorption of active ingredients.

Moisturizing Mask stimulates growth

Connect an equal share pepper tincture and castor oil, and then add to that the composition of the yolk. Bring the mixture to a smooth consistency, and after-rub it in the hair bulb for five minutes. The duration of the effects of that is half an hour, after which the locks should be washed with warm water.

Mask against hair loss with the use of kefir

You will need half a cup of yogurt and a big spoon of pepper tincture. Mix well and spread them on the finished mask strands. Now  head with cling film (plastic bag and suit) and Insulate it with a hat, a small rug or towel. Thirty minutes later, wash the hair using a flow-through water at room temperature.





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