Important Hair Care Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

Important Hair Care Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

If you are a black woman, then here are some of the most important hair care tips that you must follow in order to take good care of your hair.

The texture of African-American hair is usually dry and this is considered as a common characteristic of black woman hair. This is because the hair of a black woman is slightly more dry and brittle than Asian and Caucasian hair type.

When you have extra dry and brittle hair, you need extra nourishment. You need to follow hair care routine that may keep your hair healthy. You can easily do that by following some proper hair care tips. The good news for black woman is that here we are discussing such tips that will be of great help to you.

First Follow Healthy a Diet

  • No matter how much care you take of your hair, it will not be of any use if your hair is poorly nourished from within. As hair is made up of protein, so you need to keep feeding it with proper protein dose.
  • If you follow proper hair care along with eating foods rich in protein and other minerals, then you will have shiny, healthy and beautiful hair in no time.
  • Consume as much fruits and vegetables as you can. By doing so, you will be able to fulfill all kinds of vitamin and minerals deficiencies in your body and hair.
  • You can also take multivitamin supplements that can enhance the growth and beauty of your hair.

 Follow Good Cleaning Routine

  • Adopting and following a good cleaning routine is very necessary in order to manage your hair. Wash your hair every third day with quality shampoo. It will clean and remove bacteria from your scalp. Make use of shampoos that are suitable for your hair.
  • For dry hair, use shampoo that is good for dry hair. If you think that your hair is affected by dandruff then use anti-dandruff shampoo. While shampooing, do not rub scalp too roughly. Go with it gently.
  • In order to dry hair, wrap a towel around head so that excessive water may get absorbed. Drying hair naturally is always recommended.

Nourishing With Oil Treatment

When it comes to black woman hair, oil treatment is considered as a best rescue option. Oil treatment moisturizes your hair and provide needed nourishment. Jojoba oil, coconut oil and olive oil are the best oils for black woman hair.

Warm a bit any of the oil and massage it on hair roots with cotton ball. It will nourish the hair and make it strong and healthy. Follow Oil Massage Once Or Twice A Week.

  1. Avoid coloring your hair. Dyes contain mostly chemicals which can further make your hair dry and brittle.
  2. Always go for protective hair styles like braids as they will prevent hair from getting damage.
  3. Black woman hair tend to get dry quickly, so to retain moisture in it for longer period of time make use of hydrating products.
  4. When you are going to bed, make sure you have de-tangled the hair and pinned it up.
  5. When heading outside, cover your head to protect hair from sun rays. For this you can also use sun-screen.
  6. Minimize the use of heating products like dryers and irons. If you have to, limit the use.
  7. Always make use of wide toothed combs.
  8. If you have developed split ends, then keep timing at regular intervals according the growth of hair.
  9. Never tie your hair so tightly.

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