Is Red Wine the Best Shampoo to Prevent Hair Loss?

Is Red Wine the Best Shampoo to Prevent Hair Loss?

Drinking red wine is a very pleasant experience but did you know that new studies have shown that red wine contains a lot of anti-oxidants ? These anti-oxidants can help to repair frizzy or damaged hair. Even more exciting than drinking red wine, is that studies have shown it can be used to prevent hair loss. If this is true – does this make red wine THE best shampoo to prevent hair loss? I had to know more! Read on to discover if drinking red wine will help your hair. Also, please check out the organic shampoo that I used to regrow my hair.

How Red Wine Prevents Hair Loss

You will be happy to know that drinking about one glass (unfortunately not one bottle…) of red wine a day has been shown to prevent hair loss. Red wine increases circulation to the scalp which helps to ensure that hair can grow to be healthy and strong. Additionally, the extra blood flow strengthens the blood vessels in the scalp which eliminates the production of dandruff. Just be sure not to overdose on the wine though….

External Application of Red Wine to Prevent Hair Loss

The key mechanism that makes red wine the best shampoo to prevent hair loss is that is reduces inflammation in cells. This helps to promote hair growth. Now using red wine as a hair loss shampoo might sound a little crazy….and you might be thinking that I have had a little too much red wine! The best way to apply red wine to the hair and scalp is to dilute it in water. This will help your hair become soft after the wine is rinsed out with your normal shampoo. Experts recommend spraying the hair and scalp with the dilute mixture and leaving it sit on your hair for 30 minutes. If you do not dilute the red wine it leave the hair feeling a bit dry.

Pro Tip: Avoid getting any red wine in your eyes when spraying it on your hair and scalp. Trust me it stings really bad!

Success Story – Red Wine Saved This Woman’s Hair

One of my female friends hair was falling out as the result of using hair dye. Her hair had become weak, dull, dry and she had suffered significant hair loss. She reported that after using the simple dilute spray of red wine and water described above, that her hair became softer, regained its volume and even seemed shinier and healthier! This happened within a week or so and she is still continuing the ‘treatment’.  Only time will tell if red wine is the best shampoo to prevent hair loss!

Please let me know if you try this technique for improving the health of your hair. I know it sounds silly but please comment down below if you have tried this so that other readers can learn from your success or failure.


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