Learn the step by step of eight simple and beautiful hairstyles

Learn the step by step of eight simple and beautiful hairstyles

We often need to do a different hairstyle, but we don’t have the time or skill for big productions. That’s why it’s always worth having some simple hairstyle options up your sleeve that cause incredible effects and anyone can do it. Check out these suggestions!

1 – Ponytail with different tie

Ponytail Hair

A romantic and delicate option! Great for lunch at the magic boy’s house. You can be sure that you will make a good impression on future in-laws.

2 – Intertwined bun

Intertwined bun

That hair that gets tidy without much effort! Great for a clubbing as it is a hairstyle that will last all night even if you dance and sweat.

3 – Vintage bun

Vintage bun

With this hairstyle you will be ready for a graduation party or a wedding. Even brides will look beautiful with this classic and wonderful look.

4 – Fish scale ponytail

Fish scale ponytail

Just a few hair elastics and voila ! Look what an amazing effect. And if you prefer, you can make it all the way down, like a fish scale braid.

5 – Half braided bun

Half braided bun

This one is not wrong! Anyone can do it. And notice that the bun of the braid looks like a flower. Is there a more romantic hairstyle than this?

6 – Half stuck intertwined

Half stuck intertwined

Easy, easy and with an amazing result. This hairstyle is super versatile. You can either use it in a simple exit or a more elegant event.

7 – Fish scale bun

Fish scale bun

Great option for those who have shorter hair and want to do something that gives a view. The detail to give it an extra charm: leave the fringe loose falling on the forehead.

8 – Half-romantic prisoner

Half-romantic prisoner

This hairstyle is cute and very quick to do! The result is smooth and simple. It looks great, even for younger girls.


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