Oily Hair | Causes of Oily Hair and Tips to fix it at home

Oily Hair | Causes of Oily Hair and Tips to fix it at home

Our body produce oil (sebum) to nourish skin and hair. It’s the sebaceous gland which produce oil. The hair follicles are connected to these glands. The follicles take oil from sebaceous gland and supply to hair to make them soft and shiny. But when sebaceous gland start producing oil excessively than our hair starts looking oily and scalp become greasy. Causes of oily hair are described below due to which sebaceous glands become over active

Causes of Oily Hair :

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Skin Infection like Psoriasis and Eczema
  • Too much hair conditioning
  • Nutrition Deficiency
  • Improper hair care
  • Medications
  • Sweat

Causes of dry hair

How to fix Oily hair :

Stop using Oil based Products

Oily Hair

To give extra volume to our hair we use products like gel, wax, serum . These products can disturb the functioning of sebaceous gland resulting in excessive oil production. So put a limit on using these products.

Don’t condition your scalp

Hair Condition

We use conditioner to make our hair soft. Sometimes we apply conditioner on hair and scalp. This serum is only meant for hair not scalp. By applying conditioner to scalp will make condition even worse. To overcome this problem use reverse hair wash method. condition your hair first than use shampoo. This will remove conditioner from your scalp if you have applied it on scalp incidentally.

Limit brushing your hair

Brushing Hair

All of us brush our hair to style them. While brushing hair you are spreading oil from scalp to hair. This will make your hair look oily and greasy. So try to brush your hair only when necessary. And also try not to move your fingers in hair much often as they will act same like brush.

Eat Healthy

Healthy Food

Sometimes, deficiency of vitamins can also make sebaceous gland to produce sebum excessively. Eat healthy than junk food to fill your tummy. Fruits like Avocado , Indian Gooseberry are good source of vitamins. Drink coconut water and green tea. Most of the times only a healthy diet can give relieve from problems.

Use products that suits oily hair

Product of Oily Hair

Always buy product according to your scalp condition. If you have oily hair and you are using shampoo which moisturize your scalp. It will make bad condition even worse. So, always read the label first. There are some products available in market that target oily hair. These will remove extra oil from scalp and will give bounce to hair.



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