Reliable Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

Reliable Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

Today’s generation lead hectic and stressful lives, some of the negative consequence of this type of lifestyle are hair loss, balding, alopecia, thinning of hair. However, Ayurveda provides solution even for this problem. Ayurvedic treatments have proved to be very effective in stopping hair fall. Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss combines balanced diet, herbs, oil massage, meditation, aromatherapy, breathing and yoga.


  • Excess of Pitta dosha in the body is the chief cause of hair problems. Pitta dosha is increased by the excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, meat and excessive smoking.
  • Stress (very common in today’s generation) is also one of the root causes for hair loss.
  • Hair loss is also caused by prolonged illness of about 2 to 3.
  • Hair loss is also caused by intake of strong medicines.

Some fungal infection and diabetes also cause hair loss.

  • Baby’s delivery also leads to hair loss in mother.
  • Presence of dandruff or lice and hormonal imbalance in body also increases the rate of hair fall.
  • Low blood circulation, anemia, anxiety, stress and mental tension are also some of the prime causes of hair loss.

Treatment for hair loss:

Ayurvedic treatment is very effective in controlling hair loss. Also there are no side effects of ayurvedic treatments. These remedies include-

  • Mild natural shampoos which do not contain any harmful chemicals should be used for washing hair.
  • Also hair should never be washed with hot water as it accelerates the process of hair loss.

Hair can be rinsed with boiled neem leaves water which stops balding.

  • Rubbing scalp vigorously after washing the hair increases the blood circulation, and also activates the sebaceous glands which in turn help to keep hairs healthy.
  • Regular massage of scalp with mustard oil or coconut oil mixed with lime juice is also very beneficial.
  • Massage honey and egg yolk on your scalp and rinse after half an hour, this also reduces hair loss.
  • Regular physical exercise also reduces hair fall.

Food and diet:

  • Balanced diet is also an essential element of ayurvedic treatment for hair loss.
  • Drinking 1/3 cup of aloe vera juice daily reduces the amount of Pitta Dosha in body.
  • A special Ayurvedic preparation which helps in curing hair loss and even prevents hair from graying can be made by Bhringraj (Eclipta elba), Amala, corals, iron and black sesame seeds.
  • Consumption of handful of white sesame seeds with yogurt helps to reduce hair fall.
  • One should drink a mixture of spinach juice and lettuce to improve their hair growth.
  • Green leafy vegetables, milk, salads, fruits, and sprouts are beneficial for hairs so their intake in diet must be increased.
  • Consumption of alcohol should be decreased.

Relieving one from mental stress with the help of yoga also is also an essential part of ayurvedic treatment. These ayurvedic treatments for hair loss don’t have any side effects and give stable solution for this problem. Hence by these simple measures one can easily tackle the problem of hair loss.


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