Short hair braid: how to make this easy and beautiful hairstyle

Short hair braid: how to make this easy and beautiful hairstyle

Who said you couldn’t do a hairstyle on short strands? Yes, it’s possible! We decided to teach you the step-by-step process of a  stripped short hair braid, ideal for any occasion.

Step 1: washing and correct products for braiding short hair

This braid hairstyle for short hair has a messier and messier look, so washing needs to be done with products that bring movement to the strands.

Step 2: Drying and texturing the hair

Every updo needs the hair to be dry. After getting out of the shower, dry your hair with a hairdryer or naturally.

Use a finishing product to give that messy texture.

Step 3: Separating the strands for the braid

With a comb or your hands, separate a strand on each side of the head. Then secure one with an elastic band. Take the loose strand, divide it into three parts and start the braid, always taking it to the back.

Once ready, pull some strands on each section to make the hairstyle messier, with a more casual look. Secure with a clamp. Suppose it’s the color of your wires, even better!

Step 4: The other braid of the hairstyle on short hair

Please do the same procedure on the other strand you had reserved: braid, take it to the back of the head and secure it with a bobby pin.

A unique trick to pass the second braid through the first one, hiding the end. Try to hide the staples too.

 6 braid options for short hair

1. Rope braid in short hair

This braid style is one of the easiest, as you don’t even need three strands to create it. As your strands are short, the braided effect will stand out if you use thin strands on the sides of your head. To do this, throw the length to one of the sides of the head and, on the more voluminous side, separate two thin strands, twist them very close to the root of the hair, and roll one into the other towards the center of the head.

2. Simple braid with a twist for short hair

A cute way to spice up your short hair braid is to create a side braid with a twist in the bangs. If your strands are full, it will even look like you have a braid applique!

Again, part your hair on the side. To make the part very neat, use the handle of a fine-tooth comb. Twist inward, then create a simple braid to the ends on the fuller side. Secure it to the root with a simple clamp.

3. Braid embedded in the fringe in short hair

Creating a  side braid embedded in the bangs is also a way to spice up your short hair. As with the previous hairstyle, part your hair on the side, but instead of creating a simple braid, make a built-in braid around the contour of your head. For an expert effect, hide the ends of the braid along the length of the braid, placing it just behind the ear.

4. Side braid with a low bun

This romantic hairstyle is one of the best braid options for short hair. Since it can be used easily both in everyday looks, at work, and in a more formal parties, for example, weddings and graduations, it is super versatile. Divide your hair in half, choose thin strands from both sides of your head, and make simple braids. They will meet at the back of the head in a  messy low bun. Here, the texturizing spray is again your greatest ally.

5. Central braid in short hair

Your braid hairstyle for short hair will look amazing! How about a braid on the fringe that is not on the side? This Mohawk effect is trendy and can be paired with a high bun or a deconstructed ponytail.

6. Half-up with waterfall braid

Another option for a romantic hairstyle as it combines the half-up hair, so characteristic of the style of fairytale princesses, with the waterfall braid. Don’t know how to do this type of braid? No problem. With this tutorial, you learn everything.



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