Straightening brush: what you need to know before buying

Straightening brush: what you need to know before buying

Are you one of those who can’t resist buying an electronic device to shape their hair? Do you already have a hairdryer, flat iron, babyliss and everything else they invent to model the wires? So you must be crazy to buy a so-called electric straightening brush, right?

In the next lines we will detail a little more about this product that has turned the heads (and the hair!) of the ladies.

Learn more about the straightening brush

Straightening brush

Straightening brush: what is it exactly?

The straightening brush is an electric brush that heats up and straightens hair quickly. It does not have the effect similar to the flat iron, which leaves the hair flat ironed. The purpose of the straightening brush is to make the hair look more natural.

How does the straightening brush work?

Straightening brush

It has a coating of fine bristles that protect the hair root from heat exposure. When turning on the brush, you should separate fine strands and brush your hair naturally, slowly and gently. When in contact with heat, the strands will be slightly smoother.

Does the straightening brush work for any type of hair?

It can be used on any type of hair, but it will have different results. Very thick strands and hair with a lot of waves will not be straight. For this result, it is better to use the flat iron.


Is the straightening brush expensive?

Straightening brush

There are models for sale in the most traditional electronics stores from 80 reais. But the price can vary greatly depending on the brand and features. There are more expensive models, which are around 300 reais.

Does the straightening brush damage the wires?

Like any device that exudes heat, the electric straightening brush also causes damage to the hair, increasing dryness. Avoid using the product frequently, always hydrate your hair and invest in thermal protectors before using it.

How long does the straightening brush effect last?

Straightening brush

This will depend on your hair type. But in general, the smoother effect will not be maintained after you sleep or sweat a lot. You can compare it to the act of drying your hair with a hairdryer at medium temperature. It doesn’t have the same effect as a brush, but, during the day, it reduces the volume of the hair.

Extra tips:

  • If you can, test the product at a beauty salon or at a friend’s house before buying it.
  • Before purchasing the product, check that the voltage is compatible with your home.
  • Check if the model you purchased should be used with dry or damp hair.
  • Avoid applying treatment oils to your hair before using the straightening brush.
  • Use a good heat protectant to protect your hair from the heat.
  • Detangle the wires well before starting to use the device.
  • Separate fine strands and pass the brush firmly and a little slower than a normal brush.
  • Do not pass the brush too often at the root of the hair. It is the most sensitive area and is quickly damaged.



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