Complete guide to make braids like an expert

Complete guide to make braids like an expert

Braids are a hairstyle known mainly for their functionality. They provide an effortless style to any beauty look, this carefree touch that this hairstyle gives requires keys to achieve, but that does not have to be complicated and that is precisely the main reason why it is one of the most loved headdresses by women of all parts of the world.

In times of staying at home, trying hairstyles like the braid is a very striking option. This style is not reduced to the classic messy braid that we all know, it can be worn in different ways and for all types of hair (yes, even short hair), it’s just a matter of reviewing which braids are best for you and the precise way to wear them like an expert.

So here’s a complete guide to mastering braids like a pro and adopting them as your everyday hairstyle.

What kind of hairstyle is braided?


Braids are an easy hairstyle that consists of dividing your hair into equal sections to cross it to create striking shapes in your headdress. It can be worn in different ways and there are different ways, the most popular in recent years tend to be casual styles and have been adopted as hairstyles for everyday use.

What benefits do braids have?


Braids are adopted as a day-to-day hairstyle due to their speed and ability to give a fresh and very feminine touch to your beauty look. Among its benefits, we must list one very important one, especially if you are one of those who love to wear your hair down and is not used to tying it up: braids do not cause that annoying headache when several hours have passed since you wear them or when undo them and it is that many of the styles are casual, it is not necessary to narrow the strands of your hair too much.

There is also the fun factor in this hairstyle because if you love trying new styles and being in front of the mirror until you get the result you want, braiding can even be considered a fun practice.

On the other hand, braids are one of the kindest hairstyles for your hair, since it only remains tied from the ends, unlike a ponytail that ‘parts’ the hair very close to the birth and, if you use them constantly, you won’t It is the healthiest thing for your hair.

What type of hair is best for braids?


Braids can be worn very well on straight and wavy hair. The former is the one that can be handled most easily to experiment with endless braid styles, while for the latter, a very feminine result can be obtained by leaving it loose and hiding some braids between the strands, or by They are worn in a messy way, leaving some dishevelled hair on the outside.

As for the length, it will definitely be easier to do this hairstyle if you have your hair in size XL, but if you have opted for a short style, don’t worry, there are also some small braids that can be adapted.

What do you need to make braids?


To make a braid you need to prepare your hair before you start doing it. For this, use the conditioner of your choice and detangle very well with a padded base brush. It is much healthier and gives a better styling effect if you braid once your hair is dry, once this is done you can use your favourite texturizer to shape and add hold to the braid you select.

How to make braids?


The most basic braid is one where you take hair, divide it into three parts, and intertwine the left and right parts below the middle section. But there are other braids that have gained popularity in recent years that you can also try:

How do French braids?

french braid

The French braids are those that are born from the birth of the scalp to descend creating an inverted shape at the ends of the hair. To make them, it is necessary to untangle your hair very well, separate a section and divide it into three parts, these three parts must be intertwined under the central area, later, you must repeat the action but take more areas of your hair from the sides and so on consecutively. until you reach the tip to tie it with a garter.

How does mermaid tail braids?

mermaid tail braid

As its name suggests, mermaid tail braids are reminiscent of the shape of these mythological creatures. Although its structure seems complex, it only requires practice for you to master it. To do it, you must divide your hair into two sections and intertwine each one from left to right and vice versa, starting from the lowest strands of your hair until you reach the top. The best way to wear this braid , like the French one, is to mess it up a bit when you’re done so it doesn’t remain so tense, thus achieving an effortless style.

How do boxer braids?

boxer braid

Boxer braids are those that are tight at the edges of your hair, starting from the top. Unlike the previous ones, the most popular way to wear these braids is to make one on each side. To do this, you must divide your hair with a parting in the middle and braid one of the sides, selecting three small strands, to begin with. You must always weave the one on the other side. right and left below the middle strand and continue the process taking more hair until you reach the ends. Remember to tighten well every time you weave.

What accessories can you combine with braids?

The accessories to combine with braids will depend on the trends of each season, one that has reigned recently is to include small rings along the braid or in braids that adhere very closely to the scalp. Another interesting way to wear this hairstyle was proposed by Belinda at the Spotify Awards, braiding all her hair in small sections to form a wide ponytail, I intertwine her locks with ribbons of different colours, completely elevating her beautiful look.

But if you are more traditional, you should know that the braids themselves are an accessory, so you can not just wear them tied with a garter of your favourite colour, or transparent to give it a more natural touch and you will be ready.


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