Top Tips On How To Control Frizzy Hair

Top Tips On How To Control Frizzy Hair

Many of us are not born with silky smooth locks and we have to deal with the issue of frizzy hair on a daily basis, trying everything to tame our tresses. However, as each strand is made up of thousands of cells, it can be far more complicated to smooth out curly hair than by just brushing it. In fact, this can often make it much worse.

That is why this advice on how to control frizzy locks will help readers eliminate the problem of a static and curly mane once and for all.

Invest In Frizz-Taming Products

There are many products on the market designed to help with frizz. The hardest part is determining which is the best one for you.

Something you should look out for is a serum or oil that provides much-needed moisture to your locks. Frizzy hair is caused by hair drying out and then trying to cling on to moisture in humid conditions; therefore, you need something that will hydrate your tresses while also providing a protective layer so moisture in the air does not penetrate.

Oil-based product Focus Coconut Oil Hair Serum is ideal, as it is packed with natural hydrating properties at the same time as creating a barrier to prevent locks being affected by outside moisture.

Using the serum when hair is wet is most effective and its handy size is perfect for slipping in your bag to use in emergencies, such as when caught in wet or humid weather.

Use Natural Products

For healthy hair, it is best to avoid chemical-based shampoos and conditioners, particularly if you have uncontrollable curly locks. Instead, look for a product that has all-natural ingredients, as these will help restore your hair to its natural beauty.

Chemicals can strip strands of hair of their regular oils, leaving them even drier and more brittle. Therefore, look for shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate and alcohol-free.

Glycerin-rich products are ideal, as this penetrates the hair and keeps it hydrated, while also providing a protective layer to stop moisture from penetrating.

Reduce Use Of Heated Styling Equipment

Hairdryers are notorious for making curly hair frizzier, as the intense heat dries out locks at a rapid rate. It is advisable to wait until your hair is almost completely dry before drying it, or simply letting it air dry entirely.

Do not be tempted to rub your hair with a towel, as this could make frizz worse. Using a cotton shirt and gently patting your locks will help extract water from your hair without making it static.

Similarly, other heated styling equipment, such as curlers, tongs, rollers and straighteners, may all damage your hair. You might be tempted to straighten your hair to iron out its kinks, but this could make it worse. Heat weakens and damages hair, leaving it drier and stiffer. Therefore, using your straightening irons daily could, in fact, be making your problem of frizzy, flyaway hair even more severe.

Avoid Dry Brushing

Brushing your hair while it is dry is one of the worst things people with frizzy hair can do, as it stretches the strands making them brittle and more prone to breaking. Instead, comb through your locks when they are wet using either a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. These will be much gentler on the hair and will not damage the cuticles.

The best type of brush to use is a boar brush, and it is a good idea to run through your tresses before showering as this lifts away oil from the scalp so that you can not only have a deeper clean when you wash your hair, but the oils released are able to work into each strand.

When it comes to cleaning hair, try to cut down on the number of shampoos a week, as this does not allow natural oils to replenish and nourish your hair. Instead, leave a few days between washes.

Treat Your Hair To A Weekly Coconut Oil Mask

While you should cut down on how regularly you clean your locks, it is important to still treat them. Make time for a deep conditioning treatment once a week to ensure each strand is really moisturized and the hair follicles are healthy, as this will ensure you have silky, glossy hair, whether curly or straight.

A deep conditioning treatment also helps prevent humidity from penetrating hair and seals the hair cuticle to limit damage caused by external environments.

One of the best masks you can use is simply coconut oil, as this natural element locks in moisture and is packed with nutrients that leave you with strong and healthy tresses. Its combination of fatty acids and proteins help to replenish tired and damaged hair, so your locks will be in better condition than ever with this regular treatment.


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