Very fine hair: how to care for and add volume?

Very fine hair: how to care for and add volume?

Thin strands are a very common problem that spares neither ordinary girls nor stars. However, if you are unlucky by nature with a lock of hair, then there is no need to despair. There are many effective ways that can visually and practically solve the existing problem of thin and thin strands.

The Essence of the problem

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Hair is evaluated according to different characteristics, the two most important being thickness and density. Very fine hair on the head is thin, not strong enough, and sparse. It is important to remember that only a small percentage of the population naturally has this type of hair, in other cases, the hair has become thin because of inadequate nutrition, illiterate care, and various pathologies. Of course, a lot depends on genetics, race, natural pigment. For example, blondes have less hair than brown-haired women.

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The following processes spoil the wires:

  • Frequent washing with hot water;
  • Thermal packaging;
  • Aggressive coloring;
  • Long-term curling;
  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, an unbalanced diet, lack of vitamins, stress, hormonal changes can negatively affect the condition of the hair.

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Fine hair has a smaller diameter and is more sensitive to any external influences, fragile. This type has its pros and cons. Among the advantages are:

  • Softness;
  • Lightness, lightness;
  • They are silky to the touch;
  • Easy to paint;
  • Plastic in style.

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If you take good care of these strands, they can look just as good as thick ones. Among the disadvantages should be highlighted:

  • In combination with the hair loss problem, it looks really unsightly;
  • Lack of volume;
  • Strongly electrified, very fragile;
  • Look bad in the long version.

Style options

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Liquid and sparse strands can be masked with proper styling. First of all, you need to ditch styling products that make your hair heavier. We need lightweight formulations with moisture and heat protection. The main way to visually increase the amount of hair on your head is to add volume to it. That’s why you need to choose cuts and hairstyles that allow you to do this without much difficulty.

The comb increases the number of strands well, but you have to be more careful with it, otherwise the already fragile hair will break a lot. Refuse direct parting, which emphasizes the modest density of hair. The best option is a side part with styling on the opposite side of the natural growth. Thus, the root zone grows and grows. You can do it completely without parting if you have bangs. Fringes are a great solution that allows you to visually create the effect of density.

The desire for volume should not be excessive, for example, high hairstyles are a bad idea. It is better to create light waves, curls, graceful curls – its texture looks very beautiful, and the volume naturally increases. After washing, dry the strands by tilting the head down, you can first apply a little of the volumizing product.


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Do not avoid dyeing in an effort to preserve the strands, in some cases this is a great way to visually increase the volume. But you need to choose the means for this procedure with the utmost care so that they do not harm the lokans. In addition, colored hair requires more careful and delicate care.

When planning coloring, you need to consider the following nuances.

The dye composition must be of a mild and absolutely safe type, free from ammonia and other aggressive components. Do not use more than 6% oxygen. It is good if the composition contains care components, oils.

Don’t trust your hair to little-known brands, professional-grade high-quality cosmetics are safer.

Color. Don’t rely on dark color if your goal is to add volume to your hair. The dark pigments optically align the strands, making them smooth, and growing back, an unattractive bald spot forms on the head. Black, brown, chocolate is a bad idea. The ideal choice is the light and warm pastel, the reddish scale looks good on thin strands. But unnatural pigments – pink, purple, blue, green – are a bad idea.

Technique. Although the monochromatic method is considered classic, it will not give volume to the hair, mainly because the dye in this case is applied from root to tip. Sophisticated modern techniques allow you to preserve the roots and give the strands iridescence and volume. Combine multiple shades of the same scale, close to the base color. Highlighting, coloring, shatush, balayazh, ayrtach are perfect. They will add depth and originality to the hairstyle, and smooth transitions and transitions visually create the effect of density.

Choice of care products

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If the hair has become thin and the new hair grows poorly, this is a serious problem, which certainly has a cause. Functional reasons require more global lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, treatment, giving up bad habits, taking sedatives. The simplest solution that should be included in any set of measures is the replacement of care products, the introduction of new procedures. To restore a healthy appearance to the hair, it is necessary to act in different directions and use different means to restore:

  • Ready-made cosmetics for hair that increase in volume;
  • Masks, mouthwashes, ointments, balms and homemade solutions, herbal medicines;
  • Taking vitamins, dietary supplements;
  • Medicines for external and internal use.

The last point requires consultation with a trichologist, sometimes serious hormonal drugs are prescribed, which are very dangerous to drink without control. Be sure to review the care products you’ve used before.

Salon Procedures

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Home treatment does not always work. Therefore, if the hair is brittle, thin and thin, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will prescribe the necessary procedures. The most popular among them:

  • Pyrophoresis – thermal effect on the threads treated by the professional team and massage;
  • Cold masks – the vessels first narrow, then expand, stimulating blood circulation;
  • Mineral injections – a concentrated composition with herbal ingredients, minerals, vitamins, oils is introduced;
  • Ozone therapy – oxygen mask that stimulates metabolic processes;
  • Laser therapy – hardware method, in which the laser acts on the roots;
  • Transplantation – a radical method of hair transplantation.

In addition to these methods, there are many cosmetic treatments: masks, massages. In addition, the hairdresser can always choose a cut that visually increases the volume of the hair.

Professional advice

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Soft but thin hair requires careful attention. What expert recommendations should you pay attention to:

  • Avoid using coconut oil, as it adds shine, but makes the strands heavier, even lighter and fluffier;
  • Do not buy products that contain lauryl sulfates, ammonia, polymers, alcohol;
  • Do not over-dry the strands;
  • Does not usually dye, much less lighten the threads;
  • Cut split ends more often, opt for medium-length or short hairstyles;
  • Mousse adds thickness;
  • Choose layered haircuts;
  • Dry spray works well for texture.

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