Wavy hair: Check out tips for care and hairstyles to rock

Wavy hair: Check out tips for care and hairstyles to rock

Our hair is very demanding when it comes to caring, right? It is essential to always pay special attention to your locks. But look, each type of hair requires specific pampering, see.

And if you’re a wavy girl, you’ve come to the right place! Here we are going to talk all about how to take care of your waves, in addition to the amazing hairstyles that we have selected for you to bet on every day, take a look.

How to take care of wavy hair?

wavy hair

Wavy locks need a lot of care, as it is a type of hair susceptible to dryness and frizz. This is due to its curvatures, which do not allow the natural oil of the hair to travel the entire length of the strands. The good thing is that there are some simple treatment methods to solve these problems!

Hydration and nutrition can work magic on your hair, leaving it healthy and shiny! The ideal is always to opt for natural recipes, such as: cornstarch, aloe or even avocado hydration, which fight the terrible frizz. Moisturizing with vegetable oils is also a strong ally of wavy hair, which eliminates the dry look and brings a lot of light to the locks.

How to control wavy hair frizz?

wavy hair frizz

Maintaining the definition of the wires is very important for wavy hair, as it enhances the waves and enhances the natural beauty of the locks. However, frizz can sometimes be an obstacle to achieving the desired look, right? Check out these super simple tips that can make a difference in your hair!

Bet on wetting! Nutrition is a solution for frizzy hair, as it restores the necessary nutrients to the hair and maintains its health of the hair.

Always condition your hair after washing. Finishing the lock with just a mask is not enough to define your waves.

Avoid washing your hair every day. Because this practice eliminates all the natural oiliness of the wires, which is the protection and seals the cuticles of the highlights.

What is the right way to style wavy hair?

style wavy hair

The best way to handle wavy hair is while it’s wet! Avoiding hair breakage and, above all, unwanted frizz. It is also recommended to invest in styling creams, in addition to combing the locks with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, as this will preserve the natural wavy of your hair.

Check out wonderful hairstyles for wavy hair

simple hair style

Other beautiful hairstyles that make any look stylish and add a lot of value to the look


Super practical, braids are a quick fix to change your look on a daily basis!


But if you’re tired of braids, see how twits can be an easy and super cool alternative for you to bet!


The bun looks amazing on wavy hair, providing a super delicate and feminine look!


Who said ponytails are boring? Mega versatile, you can even bet on different types of props to get out of the basics, check it out!









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