Why choose natural products for healthy hair?

Why choose natural products for healthy hair?

We are bombarded with new information so often it can be a struggle to take everything in. However, one fact you should remember is this – natural products are great for luscious, healthy locks.

So, what is it that makes natural ingredients so effective at creating strong and well-nourished locks?

Does not harm hair

Synthetic shampoos and conditioners claim they can restore hair and leave you with beautiful tresses in no time. However, while many may appear to give your hair a new lease of life for the first few weeks, after some time, they can actually cause serious damage.

A lot of man made hair-care products contain sulfates, which strip strands of their natural oils and properties. Therefore, your hair loses any natural glow it may have had. To remedy this, customers are encouraged to buy silicone-heavy conditioners that are designed to restore this vitality and strength. While they may give the illusion of shiny hair, they do not actually produce strong, healthy hair.

To remove the build-up of silicone you have to use the shampoo, which results in a vicious cycle of shampooing tresses with sulfate-laden products, using silicone-rich conditioners to make them shiny again, and then shampooing to extract excess silicone.

Many synthetic products also contain wax, which gradually builds up on each strand with continuous use. This results in dull, heavy, lackluster locks. Comparatively, natural shampoos, conditioners and serums are soluble and wash out with every use, so you are able to start with a fresh palette every time you wash your hair.

Safe for skin

When using hair care products, you don’t just have to think about how they will affect your tresses, but also what impact the shampoo, conditioner or treatment will have on your skin, particularly your scalp.

When you rub synthetic products into your scalp, you penetrate the skin, allowing it to really soak in. Therefore, it is important to use emollients that are sensitive and safe.

Some artificial shampoos and conditioners not only take away oils from your hair, but also strip your scalp of moisture as well. This can result in dry and brittle locks, as well as dandruff and itchy scalps.

Hair dyes are especially aggressive to the scalp, as they are packed with chemicals. With regular use, these can lead to dry, damaged locks and unhealthy hair follicles.

People who already suffer from skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, will fare better by using natural products, as these are less unforgiving on the scalp. Instead, they are gentle and should not irritate skin complaints like synthetic products may.

Environmentally friendly

Naturally occurring products are not only great for your hair and skin but are better for the environment, too. The components used are typically found in their raw state, eliminating the need for chemical processes and equipment.

This also helps the micro-economies around the world where these ingredients are found by enabling locals to sell flowers and plants to support themselves and keep their natural habitats flourishing.

In addition to this, when you wash your hair with foamy shampoo or silicone-heavy conditioners, you release residual chemicals into waterways through the drains. These cannot be broken down when they reach rivers and streams, and can be very harmful to aquatic plants and wildlife.

Nourishing formulas

People are so used to hearing how the complex ingredients in chemical-based emollients are designed to restore hair they may not believe a natural alternative with just a few components can be even more effective. However, plant and flower-based shampoos and conditioners are incredibly nourishing.

Instead of masking – and often creating – hair problems, these natural alternatives work at simply providing the nourishment hair needs to be healthier and stronger. The enriching combination of different fats and vitamins does not strip tresses of protective oils or cause irritation to the scalp. Conversely, they provide protein to strands, and add moisture, nutrients and protection against harsh weather and the environment.

Focus Coconut Oil Hair Serum, for instance, is rich in coconut oil, which contains fatty acids to give a deep conditioning to hair, helping to prevent split ends and really moisturize each strand. It also has proteins to enrich locks, while its moisturizing properties keep hair smooth, sleek and free from frizz.

Other natural ingredients include virgin olive oil, sweet almond, keratin and aloe and algae extract, which are known for their abilities to rejuvenate and strengthen locks no matter the type of hair.

As natural products give a deep cleanse, you can put an end to the problem of split ends and dried-out tresses. Instead, hair will feel conditioned, strong and able to withstand breakages.

Hair Care

Coconut oil’s moisturizing properties make it one of the best solutions for dry scalps. By rubbing it into your head when shampooing, you can eliminate problems of dandruff by adding much-needed moisture to the area.

However, coconut oil’s benefits for hair are much more far-reaching than this. Its fatty acids mean the oil can penetrate hair follicles more deeply than other products, enabling users to enjoy a rich conditioning treatment. Not only does this leave them with shiny, glossy locks but it also helps to prevent split ends in long tresses.

Similarly, if you suffer from regularly entangled hair, use a small amount of melted coconut oil to tease out knots with the help of a comb.

In the same way, it can be used as a sun screen – many people in tropical countries keep their locks protected from the intense sunshine by using coconut oil on their scalps.

As well as its fatty acids, coconut oil incorporates essential proteins, which are great at nourishing damaged hair. Therefore, those with dry locks as the result of too much heat styling or coloring could benefit from using hair products that contain coconut oil.

It improves hair quality and stimulates re-growth by providing nutrients to the scalp, while also removing a build-up of sebum from hair follicles.

You can use coconut oil in its raw form to improve the look and strength of your locks, or you can look for products that contain it as one of its main components, such as Focus Coconut Oil Hair Serum.

In addition to coconut oil, this product comprises other naturally-occurring ingredients, including raw virgin olive oil, sweet almond, keratin, aloe and algae extract.


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