Type of Women Hairstyles

Type of Women Hairstyles

Beauty is associated with many things, from makeup, clothing, and perfume to women’s hairstyles, they are part of the conglomerate of aspects that contribute to feminine beauty. If we all like something, it is to look good and to achieve this you must not neglect any detail.

When it comes to hair, most of us seek to exalt its shine and beauty to the maximum, because in the best style of Samson, without our hair we are nothing.

That is why we always bring you the best Women’s Hairstyles that you can find on the web, because regardless of your hair type, on this website we will help you get the best out of it.

Types of Women’s Hair

If something is essential when combing and treating our hair, it is to know what your hair type is. Determining or knowing what type of hair we have, will help us a lot to define the type of cut and hairstyle that will favour us the most.

So if you still do not know your hair type, then we will help you to know it.

Dry or damaged hair

Dry or damaged hair

When we talk about dry hair, we refer to the type of hair that does not have much fat or does not produce it . It is hair that tends to break easily due to its fragility, and that requires some special care.

In this type of hair, it is not recommended to apply dyes or discolourations, as they contribute to weakening it even more. However, there are currently countless products on the market (including some dyes) that help hydrate this type of hair, and that are your best allies.

The texture of this type of dry hair is particular, it does not turn out to be silky but rather straw and rigid, in addition, frizz is usually a faithful companion of this type of hair.

To treat dry hair we must focus primarily on its hydration, which -as we have told you before- you can achieve with various products that the market makes available to you such as masks, creams, and gels, among others, as well as the natural options that result also ideal and effective, such as avocado masks, aloe vera, the application of some natural oils such as coconut and almond, among other options.

A final piece of advice for you is to avoid subjecting your dry hair to inclement weather or the high temperatures of irons and dryers. Before doing so, use masks or protective products so that you can gradually recover the strength and silkiness. of your hair

Greasy hair

If we are talking about this type of hair, it is one of the ones that gives women the most work, because it is hair that, unlike dry hair, produces an excess of fat that causes its constant fall, subtracting beauty and vitality from your hair.

In addition, it turns out to be unsightly hair because it gives us the feeling of lack of hygiene, which is why it should be washed regularly and with products that control the production of fat on the scalp.

There are false beliefs that women with oily hair have this condition because the more they wash it, the oilier it becomes. Well, nothing is further from reality than this. If your hair is oily, it is essential that you wash it rigorously and regularly, as excess oil is harmful to your hair’s health.

A good companion for you who have oily hair is dry shampoo, as it is a product that will improve your condition and get you out of trouble. A natural option that may be useful to you is to apply a mask made with aloe vera crystal, two vitamin E capsules, a few drops of lemon and the white of an egg, products that you will mix and apply to your hair for at least 20 minutes, once a week. You will see how you will control the fat in your hair in an almost magical way.

Normal hair

normal hair

Without a doubt, it is the ideal hair condition and the desire of all women. If this is your case, feel lucky!!! For you, there is a universe of possibilities, and the control of excess or lack of fat will never be a problem.

For those who have normal hair, a good shampoo and conditioner will suffice to achieve a mane of envy!

Thin or fine hair

When we talk about fine hair, we refer to the most literal sense of the word… it is hair whose fibres are very thin and it is a type of hair that is very mistreated if we subject it to the heat of irons and dryers.

For this type of hair, greater protection is necessary because it tends to break and fall more easily. They are usually hair without volume, so resorting to products that contribute help you to give it more leakiness, is essential. Today, the market offers a wide range of shampoos and styling creams that will help you with this purpose.

This type of hair looks great if you opt for waves, which in addition to being very fashionable, is a special trick to give extra volume to your hair.

Thick hair

When we talk about styling, this type of hair is one of the most difficult. The reason is the rigid texture that it usually has, which makes it less docile and comfortable to comb. If it is your type of hair, do not panic, because like everything it has its advantages.

Thick hair has the particularity and advantage of prolonging the duration of hairstyles since its fibre supports the ways in which you comb it for more hours. In addition to this, it is a type of hair that steals a glance for its volume and for being ideal for almost all types of hairstyles.

Updos and braids are usually the hairstyles that best suit this type of hair because the showiness they give is incredible!

Medium hair

It is the intermediate point between thick and fine hair, it is a type of hair that is docile and easy to comb. If there is a type of hair with great qualities, it is this one, and women who have it are usually able to wear it with pride and fix it in a short time.

Women with this type of hair do not usually suffer or worry about deciding which hairstyle to wear, because any option suits them very well and is long-lasting.

Curly hair

curly hair

It is a hair whose waves are much smaller than those of wavy hair, and which turns out to be a magnate of frizz in the face of the humidity of the climate. If you are one of the women with curly hair, you should know that your hair requires more hydration than other types of hair due to its tendency to dry out.

It is good that you avoid applying heat to your curly hair and, if you do, resort to the use of protectors so that you avoid mistreating it and drying it out even more. Remember at all times that the key to showing off curls as advertised is to keep your hair hydrated and full of shine.

Wavy hair

This type of hair is not like curly hair, as it has a broader wave, it does not tend to be dry and it is stronger and thicker.

Masks and conditioners are the best allies of wavy hair, as they allow them to show off a hydrated and manageable wave, which will be the envy of everyone. In addition, this type of hair has the great advantage that its strands break little and are not usually attacked by frizz.

Straight hair

straight hair

It is the dream of most women since it is hair with a fluid and natural fall that, generally, has an enviable shine and silkiness.

It is a hair that does not require so much care, and in which the excessive application of conditioners or masks should be avoided because it can become greasy and lose its grace.

Straight hair tends to have little volume, so opting for a product that helps you with this aspect can be a good option.

Bleached or Dyed Hair

They are those that we have constantly subjected to chemical products, such as dyes or bleaches, and that tends to dry out and break very easily if we do not provide them with the necessary care.

There are many products on the market that can help you care for and maintain this type of hair, such as colour and heat protectors, which you need to have available so that you can look healthy and strong.

Remember that dyed hair must be taken care of especially from the sun’s rays and extreme temperatures, if you do not comply with it you will not be able to exhibit the hair you want nor will you prolong the life and colour of your hair.


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