Women undercut hairstyle: see different super modern styles

Women undercut hairstyle: see different super modern styles

This cut was a fever in the 90’s when women wanted to reduce the volume of their locks. Currently, the female undercut has returned with everything and has become synonymous with a lot of style and personality. The cut that shaves or leaves the neck region well can be used with many types of looks.

Difference between undercut and side cut

undercut and side cut

There are those who confuse two cuts that have very similar names: the undercut and the side cut. But the difference is explicit between them. In the undercut, the part that is short is the back of the neck.

In the side cut, the side of the head loses the wires. Either just on one side or both. But there are also those who like to join the undercut with the side cut and choose to shave the entire area of ​​the base of the head. See some examples:

Women’s undercut with side cut

undercut and side cut

It’s a bold and stylish option. And for that, there are different styles. You can cut in a delta wing, as in the V-shape, choose to make the cut two to three fingers above the base and even go up the gradient cut.

Women’s undercut with designs on the back of the neck

back and neck design

There are those who take advantage of this short hair band to make geometric designs and true works of art with the machine. The result is light, fun and full of delicacy.

Women’s undercut for short hair

short hair

In general, those who wear their hair joãozinho or pixie, join the undercut to the side cut and shave the entire base of the head. It is a great option for those looking for practicality, a modern look and a full of attitude.

Women’s undercut for asymmetrical hair

Asymmetrical hair

The cut also goes very well with asymmetrical, chopped strands, which mix different lengths. Use a good finishing mousse to give volume to the strands and you’re ready to rock out there.

Women’s undercut for long hair

Long Hair

There are those who don’t want to show the undercut always around. A good option in these cases is to leave the strands longer, so the cut will only appear when you tie the hair.

Women’s undercut in fancy hair

Fancy Hair

Mixing a little colour to the locks, without a doubt, gives them a different life. The so-called candy colours, in very different tones from the conventional ones, gain even more strength with an undercut.


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